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Getting Back into PIn Collecting.

ArcheiousArcheious Registered User regular
edited November 2018 in Pinny Arcade
Background: When I was able to attend PAX I was always part of the button exchange (IMHO the spiritual go before thingie to pinny arcade). When pinny arcade was announced I made sure to get as many pins as possible. Unfortunately a little over a year ago my house burned down taking my pins with it. I was quite depressed. It is crazy how attached one gets to "stuff". It was the little things like the loss of my pin collection that really hit me hard. I mentioned it to some friends and they offered to send me pins (this is not a solicitation of pins). I wanted MY pins.

Last night while cleaning out the trunk of my car I found my trade stock of pins. I will admit I got a bit misty eyed. Unfortunately I only have a few duplicates but I am excited to get back into the game.

Archeious on


  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    That's awesome to hear. Do you have a main PAX you attend?

    Archeious wrote: »
    (IMHO the spiritual successor to pinny arcade)

    *spiritual predecessor

    We all know the slap bracelet will be the successor to pinny's. :P

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