I'm trying out a new webcomic about Destiny 2. Looking for feedback!

captaincuddlecaptaincuddle Registered User new member
Looking for feedback on both the art and writing! I'm trying to use the game as a setting for the story, not as a source for esoteric and exclusive humor. Just wondering if it's readable, if the characters are interesting, or if the story is engaging? I've put the first one here, and the first six are on tapas:
Thank you!


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    acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    Seemed kind of rude to comment on that other webcomic offering and not this one, so here you go!

    It's actually pretty solid! The writing is doing it's job, and feels natural. Only six pages and I get the premise, care about the characters a little, and have a potential source of conflict introduced. You've got a good sense of pace, and your jokes are funny. The last two strips are the highlight so far. This seems like a very sincere kind of story, at it's core, and not necessarily gag-a-day, but your gags are strong. The style of art you've chosen is pretty well established and looks good and consistent, but you know, keep practicing. There are some weird hands in there!

    Good stuff! Keep it up!

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    deadtoridedeadtoride Registered User regular
    Hi! I'm from that other webcomic offering!

    To be honest, I've been putting off reading yours because I don't play Destiny, so don't want to comment on things I don't really know about. But I just gave it a read and I've gotta say I like it. I like that you're using that violet background palette to make the b/w characters pop. The writing is good too. I've played more than enough WoW to understand the difficulties in raiding (re: having a second job) and finding the right people. I've added your strip to my feed, look forward to reading more!

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