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Unplugged Cosplay Photography

brandgalmbrandgalm Registered User regular
Hey fellow gamers. I'm a semi-professional photographer looking to connect with some cosplay folks during Unplugged on Saturday. I'm trying to build a cosplay portfolio, so I'm looking for people who are looking for some quality images of themselves in cosplay. Essentially I would provide you with the images once they're edited and I would get to build my portfolio as well.

I will never use or sell any of these images without your permission.

Depending on weather, I'd like to take some stuff on location but otherwise, we could make due in and around the convention center.

If you have any interest or questions for me, reply to this thread or shoot me a direct message with contact info.

Hope everyone has an awesome PAX!



  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    Hey there! Unplugged isn’t a cosplay heavy con, but I’ll probably be dressed as the doctor (10th and 13th) on different days of con. If you’re local and looking to build your portfolio, I know some very good local cosplayers who are always looking for more shots of their work.

  • brandgalmbrandgalm Registered User regular
    Thanks for the info. I knew it wasn't too big in the cosplay area, but I remember seeing enough people last year that I figured it was worth a shot. I'm local to PA, but on the other side of the state...

  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    Also, I’ll be honest. The con center itself is a mediocre place for a photo shoot. Both Chinatown and Christmas Village are with in walking distance, though! I’ll have my own camera and will be shooting, too. Probably. :)

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I think that cosplayers wanting to meet up with photographers and vice-versa is a good thing, but just fyi please don't use these forums to advertise photography services in general. It's a fine line that I think everyone here is on the right side of, but I don't want this to turn into a "hey for $100 I will take photos of your cosplay!" thread.

    cheers :D

  • brandgalmbrandgalm Registered User regular
    yeah, i meant to put that in my original post that if broke any rules to please delete. i'm definitely not charging for anything, but if it's still an iffy thread, feel free to delete and i can try and connect with people the day of.

  • Dami.kunDami.kun Registered User new member
    I will be in cosplay as joker from persona 5 if interested i can be reach on instagram with the same user name @dami.kun

  • kc2dptkc2dpt Registered User regular
    I’ll be in very low key cosplay on Sun. Just a homemade Tekkadan jacket. Not photo worthy. But I look for any excuse for cosplay and even a boardgame convention is good enough for me. :D

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