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Troubled Tidings in Threshold Town[Phalla]- Finished Masters and Coroner Victory



  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    Awwww. :(

  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    Thanks for hosting Blue!

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    @Bluecyan what was the order of operations?

    Curious how kill/consume/minor actions all stacked

  • BluecyanBluecyan ROAR Registered User regular
    Order of operation:
    Vote Manipulation > Vote results > Graffiti/Mayoral Statement > Vote Kill > Guard(KH faction) > Redirect > Distract > Spy/Guard(Village)/Assassin(Mafia) > Conversion > Kill > Death Seer/Sway Vote/Autopsy/Seer/PM Message

    Some notes:
    The original intent was for at least twenty people, that would have made for a week long game at least before either one of the major factions died or pretty much all of the normal factions were converted. To try and recover with five less, I only gave the major factions one action the first night (hence no kills night one) and I was going to rez two normal factions over the long weekend. If we didn't have the whole festival thing, it would have been the first two that died. I also dropped one of the tiers of abilities, which had Raise as a major action and an anonymous PM as a minor between the Redirect and Guard unlocks.

    The Major Factions (Less/Masters) had identical faction powers, though they unlocked tiers as members died out. While individual's role powers were (mostly) not identical there was a general symmetry. The Less could stop the Masters kill for one night, one of the Masters could survive a hit from a Kill ect... The Less typically focused on more Kill related actions, and the Masters on Conversion related actions.

    The normal Factions (Village/Mafia/Neutrals) was always meant to be a red herring, I wanted people to have an incentive to be talkative and to start making groups so most Alternate win conditions focused on finding other people in their same Role. Their powers were also meant to be something that required them to work together. They were meant to be easy since most likely they would be converted to one of the Major factions if they survived and if they didn't survive it gave them a chance. Also, I wanted the public vote to always be in control of the normal factions, forcing the Majors to have to work with them to try and gain an advantage over their rivals. Only normal factions could vote for the mayor, and the Information Brokers would ensure that no major faction could simply out vote for victory.

    Factions were hidden on death mostly to keep people in the dark about what was going on until later. It was intended the Major factions would know who was getting offed, so their death seer targeted everyone. The normal factions would have to be selective but had the benefit of being able to investigate bodies from different days.

    If the Less and Masters want I can make their boards open to the public.

  • premiumpremium Registered User regular
    Thanks for running blue!
    Gj masters team for pulling off the win

  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    Wait, doesn't that mean that my wincon was practically impossible? Or were Masters considered 'village' for that?

  • BluecyanBluecyan ROAR Registered User regular
    Wildcat wrote: »
    Wait, doesn't that mean that my wincon was practically impossible? Or were Masters considered 'village' for that?

    Practical end game conditions were, no Masters alive, no Less alive and no Normal factions alive.

    It was possible to win with either the less or masters, when they accomplished their end game conditions.

    The village/mafia end game game conditions were impossible (or at best would happen with one of the others).

  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    Oh, so both of those factions counted as Neutrals?

  • JPantsJPants Registered User regular
    I really expected the Less to have converted more. I'm shocked that Wildcat wasn't converted (only reason we didn't try to convert them)

    Thanks for running the game Blue, really enjoyed it, despite getting Day 1'd!

  • ObiFettObiFett Use the Force As You WishRegistered User regular
    Super easy win.

    Thanks for voting me out. ;)

  • 38thDoe38thDoe lets never be stupid again wait lets always be stupid foreverRegistered User regular
    @Bluecyan Thank you for running. I'm very sorry I messed up the Quote rule, I don't think I've ever seen that before and I guess I kind of gloss over the basic rules part of OPs.

  • BluecyanBluecyan ROAR Registered User regular
    38thDoe wrote: »
    @Bluecyan Thank you for running. I'm very sorry I messed up the Quote rule, I don't think I've ever seen that before and I guess I kind of gloss over the basic rules part of OPs.

    No worries, for the next one of these I run I'll loosen that restriction to be just no screen shots and no direct quotes of host PMs.

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