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    If you're looking for some tutorials with more styyyyyyyyle there's always Polygon Runway.

    Room Blender Tutorial With Commentary 46:15
    I finally understand enough to be able to keep up with his tutorials I think, I picked something which doesn't seem too hardcore for me to handle though. Going to try out a outdoor scene from him next.

    Enchanted Forest Blender Tutorial with Commentary 46:30
    I really love this even though it's something I copied from a tutorial

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    Get Rich Quick! - Making GOLD COINS in Blender 11:35
    Super fun to model and pose around with.

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    FANTASY CASTLE | Beginner Course | Blender 2.8 11:51

    Not my proudest attempt, I sucked at texturing painting and also made a lot of modeling mistakes. Tried to hide those as much as possible in this render. Still had a lot of fun with this one though. Overall I would recommend this tutorial to people who are familiar with the interface already, it doesn't hold your hand as much other beginner tutorials and you have quite a bit of leeway in terms of design.

    It also doesn't show you how to light up your scene and do rendering so you have to get that knowledge from other places, if not you will get super frustrated at the end

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    Put a little more time into this guy. Threw away his legs because I didn't like them.


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    Aw yea nice anatomy! One of my art goals


    Crystals - Hand Painted Game Assets - Blender 2.8 19:56

    More texture painting for me tonight, it's kinda therapeutic in a way like painting a miniature in real life. Not sure if my presentation is alright though since it kinda defeats the purpose of paint textures by adding a outside light source as well as emission. This is a pretty good tutorial to get started with texture painting, minimum modeling required.

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    Ancient Crypt Blender Low Poly 3D Tutorial with Commentary 33:39

    Finally a tutorial which teaches me how to do the foggy effect aka volumetric/atmospheric lighting. The rendering time though. The modeling for this is pretty simple so you will have more time to play around with the lights.

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    Quick Garden and Trees Tutorial in Blender 2.83 26:00

    Fresh tutorial from Polygon Runway, with commentary to boot! I've always wanted to do a scene like this. I don't believe I have nailed the lighting but I am still really excited for this one.

    Also I tried to make something by myself but that ended in disaster lol, my topology game is non existent.

    Sculpting for Beginners | How to Sculpt the Eyes | Blender 2.8 28:53

    Squeezed in some sculpting attempt

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    Quickly Create Base Meshes for Sculpting | Skin modifier | Blender 2.8 9:01

    I want to use 3D sculpting to go into learning anatomy at some point, still figuring out how to go about it

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    tip for anatomy: study traditional art anatomy lessons for sketching and sculpting, they are helpful for 3D sculpting as well. Practice from reference. If you know how to insert head-on and side-on reference images into your scene that line up with the orthogonal camera modes and you can line your model up with, that can be a great help as well.

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    3dscanstore.com (nsfw) has full body scans available, if you're interested in throwing down a few bucks. Being able to pop them into Blender and rotate and light them has helped me out quite a bit.

    https://anatomy360.info/ (also nsfw) is the same company, but they've put some 3d scans in a stand-alone program. They're less expensive than the raw 3d scans, but you can't import them into Blender. There's a demo version you can download.

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    Honestly if you're going to spend money on anything I think the Anatomy For Sculptors books are the best value.

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    There's a Udemy course for Blender 2.8 that's on a super deep discount right now, The Blender 2.8x Encyclopedia. That link takes you to the page where it says it's $14.99, but the link to Udemy gives you another discount code that brings it down to $12 and change. I bought it, 52 hours of material. Seemed worth the low price. Haven't checked it out yet, though.

    Also, there's a Discord up for artists that I found because I follow a ton of artists on Twitter. The Blender channel is absurdly popular, lots of pros in there giving tips and tons of links to tutorials and whatnot. https://discord.gg/NvgtAUE

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    Thanks for all the awesome links folks, I hope I will be able to check out most of them soon. I have been trying to get out of relying on and following tutorials to a tee so I started something personal last week after being given some advice from the art forum in here. That discord channel seems super interesting too, I found it really hard to find a community so I will pop in there later.

    I am really happy about this despite knowing there are so many problems and flaws I could have improved on and fix, but please feel free to critique on any aspects of the work regardless of your affinity with 3d modeling.
    Attempts at doing night scene:

    Tutorials I referenced for the tree, leaves and grass:
    Create a Realistic Forest in 30 Minutes | Blender 2.8 Tutorial CG Geek
    Modelling the Shrub #2. Leaves particle system Gleb Alexandrov

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    Unless you're earning your tip, I suppose.

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