Weird Computer Problem

I was wondering if anyone else has ever encountered something like this before.

My boss's computer turns on and logs in just fine, but sometimes the monitor will cut in and out randomly and the mouse will freeze, but the computer isn't frozen, because the keyboard still functions. I hooked up a different monitor, and it did the random cutting in and out. And a different mouse did the same thing.


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    XaviarXaviar Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    I'd look at getting the power supply tested first. Inconsistent power (esp on the 5v rail) could cause all of those problems, and would be much less notable on the keyboard as it asks for much less power.

    Any IT department would have a tester, or any local repair shop.

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    VoodooVVoodooV Registered User regular
    Not sure about the mouse freezing, but we had a problem that sounds similar to the monitor issues you're having. In my case it was a Dell laptop w/ docking station with dual monitors. The issue was with the docking firmware. Updating the BIOS, docking firmware, and the video driver resolved the issue.

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