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Questions about Workshop Signup

specter02147specter02147 Registered User new member
edited November 2018 in PAX Unplugged
Hello all and thanks for the help!

Last year I did not attend any workshop events. This year I'm very excited to do so.

Thankfully for my non Pax life, I got an amazing job offer but it requires my appearance Friday morning. I hope to be back in time for the floor to open but definitely will not be at the workshop registration right at 9.

I really want to do Miniature Painting 101 and I am curious about the whole signup process.

Does the "ticket" have only one name on it or is it simply a ticket that allows the holder to enter an event?

If I show up at 10am will I completely miss being able to sign up for anything the first day?

I am interested in multiple events, can I sign up for multiple events at one time?

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  • eriepopeeriepope Registered User regular
    Last year the ticket was for a workshop so if you have a friend that’s going you might be able to get an extra ticket. I’m not sure if you stroll in at 11 o’clock where the tickets will be or if they will be avail but even if you can’t get a ticket show up to the class they might be able to fit you in if ticket holders don’t show up.

  • GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    The tickets are not assigned to a person, so a friend could get you one, but they will only be allowed to take one ticket for the event. They would have to wait solely as a favor to you.

    These events will fill nearly instantly, but events are only open for registration on the morning of the event. There are sessions of Miniature Painting 101 later in the week you could try for.

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