The totally last minute Pre-PAX Starcrawl II!

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The totally last minute Pre-PAX Starcrawl... II!

(Even more last minute than last year! Borrowed with Randomfool's permission)

The Starcrawl is the last-minute version of the Pre-PAX bar crawl which you may know as the PAX West’s Tri-Wizard Drinking Tournament, PAX East’s Pokecrawl, or PAX South’s A Shot of Ice & Fire. A non-profit Star Wars/ Star Trek themed bar crawl dedicated to raising money for Child's Play Charity.

This crawl is strictly 21+ and will be held in Philly’s Center City area tonight, Thursday Nov 29th!. We’ll start at 8pm and every hour or so after that, we’ll head to a new bar. All the bars will be walking distance to each other. Since I didn’t have time to plan a real crawl this will run a very differently from any previous versions. There’s no registration, no buttons, no swag and a questionable at best theme! It’s really just an excuse to get drunk, meet fellow PAX attendees and make a few friends before the convention itself.

How to Participate
Show up to one of the bars below and say “hi”. We’ll be easily distinguishable by our (mostly) standard issue Starfleet uniforms, lightsabers and general drunken appearance.

Will we still collect money for Child’s Play?
Of course!

What about challenges?
As your Captain, I'll have a collection of missions available to any crew members who wish to form an away team to volunteer for them.

Bar 1 @ 08:00 – Field House
Bar 2 @ 09:15 – Bar-Ly Chinatown
Bar 3 @ 10:30 – ??? Yakitori Boy (Karaoke!)
Note: All bars are tentative, I'll try to keep my twitter update with our current location should any of the bars become full or if the schedule goes off the rails.

Tips & Tricks
Don't Be a Dick: First and foremost, don't do anything that's going to embarrass yourself or anyone else. Especially since alcohol is going to be involved you're going to want to leave your asshole pants at home. Don't get punched in the face.
Know Your Limit: The only person who knows your alcohol tolerance is you. There's nothing worse than an overindulged drunk so don't be that guy. You should probably stop drinking when someone points out to you that you're peeing on a bar stool.
Leave no crew member behind: We arrive as a group and leave as a group. If someone has to be That Guy/Gal who gets so wasted that they think they're actually Chewbacca it's the responsibility of the crawl as a whole to ensure this person makes it safely back to their hotel. Use the buddy system, handcuff yourselves to each other, whatever. No one is to vomit in a bus terminal by themselves. Not on this night, at least.
Eat before you come to the crawl: Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure fire way to end up black out drunk and feeling like death in the morning. Ordering food while on the crawl is a terrible idea since you’ll likely be waiting for food while we head to the next bar.
Drink water: Drinking water as you go is the best way to ensure you have a fun night and an at least OK morning.
Bring cash: Using cash makes the bartenders' lives easier because it's faster than having to run a debit or credit card and this is, after all, a charity bar crawl!

If you have any questions, ask them here or message me @DaveSchrader

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