I don't want to live on this network anymore

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My home network is poopy, and my parent's home network is also poopy. My family has asked me to help them get better wifi coverage in their reasonably large house, they have no "power users" but being that they live together with my sister and her husband/kids they have a lot of active devices on any given day. Their house has 7 people, all of whom have their own tablets and/or cell phones. The biggest concern seems to be their wifi.

We are both using Shaw in British Columbia as our ISP's, my service is 300/20 and theirs is 150/15. We both use the supplied modems with internal routers and both of our houses have (or can add) some ethernet wiring in the walls. In my case the basement is wired with cat6 to all devices and the house has a pre-installed cat5e link from basement to the top floor where the modem currently sits. In their house the utility closet distributes cat5e sporadically throughout the house.

For both cases I am looking at the Ubiquiti Unifi AC-Lite access points. Are these a solid go-to for robust functionality? Could I remotely manage this AP from my house? They live some distance away and I want to be able to keep tabs on their system status or help them fix it if it acts up.
In their house I would use the existing Shaw supplied Hitron modem and disable the wireless radio only if the Ubiquiti could keep up with all the users, or try a multiple SSID/matched SSID "roaming" (not seamless) style setup if it could handle it.

In my house I intend to relocate my modem to the basement with a new coax run from the distribution box. This is easy. I would prefer to disable my Arris XB6 router and AP features and run it in bridge mode to supply an Edgerouter X (HWoffload for gigabit speeds) and install a fresh cat6 supply from the basement's distribution/utility closet to our kitchen where I could put an AC-Lite access point on the ceiling or wall. This is perfectly central in my house and may be enough to cover all corners as it's not a big place. Currently I can get wifi reception (slightly) from our modem on the 3rd floor while in the basement so I think centralizing a single high quality AP would suffice. If not I could add another AP where required with my existing wiring that is already in place. (Here's a drawing of my current home network layout)

Does anyone see an issue with my ideas for both places? Can you recommend alternatives? For both cases we want primarily wifi reliability over top speed but don't want to spring for the cost of the fancy mesh wifi setups when we have pre-wired homes.


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    If you have nothing in the basement that needs WiFi then yeah, an AP centrally located on the main floor ceiling mounted makes sense. I would maybe see about springing for two APs so you could put a second on the top floor just to make sure things upstairs are solid.

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    You can also go the route of something like google wifi. It's working pretty well for me (and other forum users). It has a good interface that is available from anywhere.

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