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What is your religion [chat]?



  • Donkey KongDonkey Kong My lit AF posts will leave you shook Registered User regular
    Kamiro wrote: »
    Kamiro wrote: »
    Kamiro wrote: »
    I don’t shop like a depression era grandmother anymore, that wasn’t so hard a habit to break after grad school. But I still use leftovers like one. That I figured was a habit worth keeping and cultivating. Food does not belong in the trash.

    Leftover chicken becomes soup. Leftover vegetables get minced and cooked into omelettes. Leftovers are always eaten preferentially over newly cooked food, doctored to taste better if necessary.

    Fruit going off is used for baking not thrown out.

    What about the leftover parsley and cilantro that you buy for a recipe that only calls for a few tablespoons and then you forget about it at the bottom of the vegetable drawer until it becomes a liquid?

    I made mexican green rice with it last night. Not kidding! I had these exact things from thanksgiving and I made green rice to use them.

    Also they make spice pastes in a tube that are pretty great, basically taste like fresh, and they last over a month after opening.

    I've seen those but I never trust them. How does one translate a tablespoon of parsley paste to a bunch of parsley? Does it come with a conversion chart?

    They do have a rough conversion on the tube but honestly, parsley isn’t exactly a fiddly strong flavor that’s easy to overdo :P

    ehhhhhhhhh. I once misused a recipe that called for a bunch of parsley. It was a Blue Apron recipe that had the "bunch" already included (which was a very small bunch), so that when I redid the recipe with my own ingredients I used an actual bunch and that definitely changed the flavor up.

    Yeah I wouldn’t use it for a recipe that calls for a whole bunch. Wouldn’t be economical and any portioning errors could get huge. I mostly use it when something calls for a very small amount but dried would be sad and not flavorful.

    I also typically don’t buy the parsley one and stick with basil (A+++), cilantro (A), and garlic (B+, but leagues ahead of C- jarred minced).

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    there is too much to do

    TOO MuCH tO Do

    A Kobold's KoboldwanderingIlpala
  • A Kobold's KoboldA Kobold's Kobold He/Him MississippiRegistered User regular
    The joke option
    there is too much to do

    TOO MuCH tO Do

    yeah immanentizing the eschaton is hard work

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  • PreacherPreacher Registered User regular
    That jerking off on figurines subreddit
    emnmnme wrote: »
    Thomamelas wrote: »
    Preacher wrote: »
    Just Cause 4 looks fun, but it'll probably run like ass and have another memory leak.

    I haven't seen anything but I enjoyed 2 and 3. As long as they understand the core concept of I want to blow shit up then we're good.

    All the reviews say they've improved in just about every way on what makes the game great.

    You start with the booster mini-bombs now. You can get 10 of them at a time.

    You can long-range attach them with the grapple.

    OH GOD NO!!

    I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine.

    matt has a problem
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    That jerking off on figurines subreddit

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  • MrMisterMrMister A pup must first get in the water to be successful as a seal!Registered User regular
    MrMister wrote: »
    Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics

    We demonstrated that murder is bad by murdering several people and asking bystanders how they felt.

    That’s what I thought at first but actually we surveyed 30 IRB chairs on whether it’s ethical to survey IRB chairs

  • descdesc bare man are locked in Registered User regular

  • tyrannustyrannus Registered User regular
    That jerking off on figurines subreddit


  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    That jerking off on figurines subreddit
    desc wrote: »
    senator bernie sanders explains the end of neon genesis evangelion full 8 1/2 hours

    Shameful pursuits and utterly stupid opinions
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