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Unplugged Constructive Criticism Thread

XenomasterXenomaster Registered User regular
I would love to hear about what everyone thought, good and bad about this weekends convention.


  • YesNoSomethingYesNoSomething Registered User new member
    Took part in 3 events:
    Friday - Age of Sigmar Champions Casual Constructed. This was listed as a casual event where we come play 3 games and get booster packs... It was not. The organizer ran a 4 round best of 3 tournament and was angry when I had to leave halfway through because the event was going on much longer than planned and also angry I asked for the booster packs that the event was supposed to provide.
    Saturday - Age of Sigmar 2000 point tournament. This thing took all day... And they want to make it longer next year. That's definitely a pass for me. Ate up too much time. Further more the organizers did not communicate with Games Workshop who I later heard had no idea the event was happening downstairs.
    Sunday - Arcadian Brush. This event was a train wreck. They limited entries, never finished judging the ones that were entered, and never provided any feedback. It was the worst run event by far, the organizers had no idea what they were doing.

  • SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    edited December 2018
    edit: I see this is the wrong thread, there's a stickied one for this

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Yup! Please use the stickied thread to consolidate feedback.

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