Nvidia surround + two different res. displays + kvm

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I'm currently running three 1680x1050 monitors with Nvidia gtx 1070. Whenever possible, I play using Nvidia Surround which pretends it's all actually one 5240x1050 display (some pixels are simulated to be hiding behind the display borders). I'm looking to replace this setup.

Initially I was looking for just one ultrawide display that would replace the three. Unfortunately the largest I found was Samsung C49HG90DMU 49'' - and it's running 3840 x 1050, which is hilariously low for its size.
(the dot size is 0.31mm compared to the 0,28mm I currently have).

Now the above monitor would satisfy my horizontal size requirements (even if it's somewhat narrower than what I currently have). The next best thing with a satisfying pixel density I've found was a 43" J890, again from samsung (somehow). It's running at 3840x1200, with a 0,27mm pixel size. Unfortunately it's a bit too narrow, I tried playing by covering the appropriate amount of the side displays and the hit was really noticeable.

So the best bet would be to add another 1920x1200 display on one side. Unfortunately, Nvidia Surround doesn't support displays with different resolutions. I'm noticing this display is using a technology called KVM, which allows you to connect two different devices to the display and split it in half, one half for each device. Would it be possible to make the graphics card (and/or Windows) believe I've actually connected two separate 1920x1200 displays using this method? If I got it right I could then add another one and run Surround with no trouble (as long as its polarity and refresh rate is also the same, of course).

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