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2019 Pre-South GAMETACULAR

dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular


It's almost time for PAX SOUTH and that means it's almost time for the Gametacular!

This year, we'll be gathering to support the Rape Crisis Center. All proceeds from our silent auction will go toward supporting their education programs. TRC representatives will also be at the event so our guests can learn more about their work and ways to support their mission.

The Rape Crisis Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to support all survivors of sexual assault and ensure victims have a responsive medical community, sensitive law enforcement officials, and an active prosecution system. For 40 years, the Rape Crisis Center has been a resource for our community. It is the only sexual assault program in Bexar County, offering client-centered services that seek to empower and promote the safety of survivors, without judgment.

Once again this year we are using "pay-what-you-like" ticketing. This means, if you'd like to support this event financially, just add on a small (or large!) donation when you purchase your Pay-What-You-Like Admission ticket. Any contributions will be used to help fund event costs and will be very much appreciated!

This year our event will be held at the Dave & Busters in the Shops at Rivercenter. Aside from any donation you may make, this event is completely free to attend with a General Admission ticket. We just want to pre-register you to cut down on paperwork at the door. D&B will be offering food and drinks for purchase. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.



We are offering two add-on items with pre-registration - our annual commemorative pin, and a parking pass that will give you discounted parking for the entirety of Thursday at the Rivercenter parking garage. See the ticket listing for details.


We are seeking sponsors for this event. If you, your business, or your wealthy aunt is interested in supporting the gaming community in San Antonio and the worthy work of the Rape Crisis Center - please reach out to us at [email protected]



  • japesterjapester Registered User regular
    Nice! Although I'm probably skipping PAX, I'm always down to bring my latest game acquisition to the pre-PAX event. I can't commit just yet, but I am literally looking at two big boxes full of PitchCar track that were delivered this morning. LOL (It's a sickness!) I might be down to setting up a track at D&B if they have a big enough table.

  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    Tables are standard size and lined up in a row, so there ought to be room - I think that'd be fine as long as we don't run low on seating.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • japesterjapester Registered User regular
    dragnsteph wrote: »
    Tables are standard size and lined up in a row, so there ought to be room - I think that'd be fine as long as we don't run low on seating.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Cool. So by "standard" I'm thinking 3' wide? I can always adjust on the fly, but I'll try to design a track or two in advance that should fit the table.

    I've also got Fireball Island, which is loads of fun, but I'm leery of taking it on the road as bits tend to fly during rowdy games. LOL

    I hope I can make it. It's always fun seeing the Nerd Night gang and supporting a good cause while gaming!

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