[iOS]Space Station Racer - Racing in zero gravity with realistic space flight physics

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Hi, everyone,

I’m an independent developer who just released his first game for iOS. Space Station Racer is a space themed racing game that uses realistic space physics. This means that, instead of flying like an airplane or driving like a car, my racer actually flies like a spaceship. This makes for a very unique racing experience.

What is it?

A space racing game set in the near future, on twelve fictitious space stations in mid earth orbit.

What do you have to do?

You race a small spaceship with three big rocket engines in the back around a track set out on a space station. You have to turn the racer in different directions, so that the engines’ thrust will cause you to accelerate, brake, or turn.

What do you get?

The game includes twelve imaginary space stations from twelve countries around he world, each with a unique race track.
Each track features practise, qualifying, short test races, long championship races, and very long endurance races.
You get a selection of twelve different paint jobs for your racer

What does it look like?

Like this:


And this:


And this:


And a video:


And another, really long video:


Where can I get it?

On the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/space-station-racer/id1409173271?mt=8

How can I try it for free?

By using a promo code:


Where can I find out more?

On the Web: https://playoncegames.com/
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/playoncegames/
On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCubpdg1rspfD_dQNQOfOMdQ

What does Apple think You need to know about the promo codes?

Code expires on 2019-01-06 21:33:51 Etc/GMT and is redeemable only on the iTunes Store for United States. Requires an iTunes account, subject to prior acceptance of license and usage terms. To open an account you must be above the age of 13 and in United States. Compatible software and hardware, and internet access (fees may apply) required. Not for resale. Full terms apply; see www.apple.com/legal/itunes/ww/. For more information, see www.apple.com/support/. This app is provided to you by Georg Schwab

(Despite of what it says, codes can be redeemed on any App Store.)

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    There is now a free Lite version of Space Station Racer available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/space-station-racer-lite/id1452679357&mt=8

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    pichuscutepichuscute IndianaRegistered User regular
    What a strange concept for a racing game (but not necessarily in a bad way). While I understand why the controls are limited in the way that they are, and it may too difficult/unfeasible to implement in any other way, it'd be interesting to see something like this with full 3D movement (and a bit more dynamic effects and polish, because it does feel like you move a bit like a hockey puck right now lol) in the future. Having turning be this slow build up that you really need to prepare for and constantly adjust is interesting, and I bet it'd make for quite the skill-based system if you had more control than just your x and y movement.

    You guys are probably pretty much done with this game at this point, but I figured I'd leave my thoughts anyway, as a huge scifi racing fan. Good luck nonetheless!

    A developer on the typing dungeon crawler Backspace Bouken!

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