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PAX Opening Night Party 2019 - Games, Live Music, Indie Devs, Celebrities, Drinks, Fun!

PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
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We are returning to PAX South 2019 and are looking forward to hosting our official opening night party for everyone to enjoy!

Come and enjoy our 25k+ square foot venue where we have the entire 2nd floor reserved for our event! NO VIP - NO Reservations - NO Expectations! Just come as you are and have a blast partying your Friday night away with us at Houston Gaymers PAX Party!!!


Date :
Friday, January 18th

Location :
Bonham Exchange
411 Bonham St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

Time :

Find us on FACEBOOK :
Click "going" and share with friends:


  • 21+ to drink | 18+ to party
  • Oculus Rift Promo - If you go by the Oculus booth today and get a wristband - your entry to the party will be comp'd. So be sure to visit them in the expo hall!
  • Reserved side-entrance for party (Make sure you go to the correct door for special wristband and lower cover)
  • $5 Club Cover
  • Special wristband will grant access to 2nd floor ballroom, but feel free to experience all that Bonham Exchange has to offer throughout the club
  • 25k square foot club including: a game room, a lounge bar, below-street dance floor, huge patio, and 2nd floor ballroom reserved for party
  • Food provided by "Tacos Los Hermanos" ( on the patio | Menu includes beef/chicken/veggie street tacos, Mexican hotdogs, elotes and all the fixins
  • Several bathrooms including private gender neutral bathrooms on 2nd floor for party
  • Drink Specials - $2 wells, domestic long-necks and $3 Deep Eddy Vodka (special discount is only for our party on the 2nd floor)
  • There is a coat check so you won't have to lug around your winter garb during the party
  • Awesome staff and great security for a fun & safe experience


  • Multiple game setups including some of the most popular multiplayer games on huge projector screens
  • Special guest appearances from Twitch/Online Personalities
  • Several Indie Devs will be coming from the convention and bringing their setups - feel free to continue gaming and chat up the devs
  • Interaction with Content Creators and other exhibitors from the convention
  • Live Music artists rotating out hourly (8pm-midnight) including: Lazybit Collective (, Ten Pixels Tall (, and many more!
  • Raffle giveaways every hour including some awesome swag
  • Cosplay highly encouraged and welcomed!
  • HD Photobooth to capture every party moment with your friends
  • Most importantly...a lot of fun that you don't want to miss!


*Game Devs*
> Kitfox - Boyfriend Dungeon
> Umaiki Games - Skellboy
> Finji - Wilmot’s Warehouse & Overland
> Circean Studios - Konsui Fighters
> Fiction Factory - Arcade Spirits

*Live Entertainment*
> Drop Team Epic - TheWaveVR
> T Blank - TheWaveVR
> Blipboi - Lazybit Collective
> Broken Satellite - Lazybit Collective
> Ten Pixels Tall - Lazybit Collective
> Parker Luis Can't Lose - Lazybit Collective

As we get asked this question every year, we are an all-inclusive group. This is not a "gay" party and everyone is always welcomed. If you ever come to Houston out to any of our meetups, you will see that our events include people from all walks of life. We simply provide a safe-space for everyone to meet new friends and have an awesome time doing what we all love: being nerds and playing video games. Please make plans to come join us!

Questions or want to collaborate? Contact our event coordinator:
Charlie LeBlanc

Don't forget to invite your friends to the event:
Check out the 2018 Party here:
Check out the 2017 Party here:
Check out the 2016 Party here:

Always Onward,
Ryan "Penny" Pennington
Business and Social Development
Houston Gaymers
1101 Elder St. Apt. 207 | Houston, TX 77007
Gaymer Meetup (dba Houston Gaymers) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


PennyPton on


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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Guests artists and Indie Devs added to the details at the top! I will be adding a couple of video game trailers and such from these games for those of you who havn't been following them so you can get a taste. Also, we are very happy to announce that we are partnering with Lyft to offer 50% off your ride to the Bonham Exchange if you don't want to walk! The code is in the details! If you have any questions about our party, please feel free to post or pm!

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    darkdonutdarkdonut San AntonioRegistered User regular
    Will there be a discount for those who want to use Lyft for a ride back to their hotel or house from Bonham Exchange?


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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    edited January 2019
    @darkdonut I will double check, but the way it was explained to me was that the offer was 50% off your ride as long as your first location was the Bonham. So the deal was for people to Lyft to the venue. That was how it was explained at our meeting, and I will double check with our event coordinator to make sure that is still the offer.

    PennyPton on
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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    edited January 2019
    Okay @darkdonut - just confirmed with our Event Coordinator via text. You can get 50% off the ride only either going to the event or leaving the event. But it is only limited per if you ride with a friend, then they could get the discount there and you could get the discount going home! But be sure to click on the link and read the details because there are a few limitations on the service area with some other fine print. We do hope that many will be able to use this deal though and have a safe ride back to their rooms!

    PennyPton on
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    ekipsekips Registered User regular
    I am so excited! See you in San Antonio at Bonham Exchange!

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    darkdonutdarkdonut San AntonioRegistered User regular
    @PennyPton Thank you.


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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    @ekips That's great!!! Were you an attendee last year or is it your first time?

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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    @darkdonut no problem! Please let me know if you have any other questions! The party is going to be awesome!!!

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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Check out some of our musical artists and indie devs showcasing at the party on Friday:

    On top of all this we will have two 8-player Smash games going on big projector screens plus some of your other favorite multiplayer titles for everyone to enjoy at the party! Also, here is a promo video that gives an overview of everything:

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    SPC_LZSPC_LZ Killeen, TXRegistered User new member
    Missed this event last year...this year I'm definitely going

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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    @SPC_LZ that's awesome! You are sure to have a blast! See you tonight!

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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Hey @darkdonut + all - just an update that Lyft contacted us today to let us know that something happened in accounting the the code will not work for the party tonight. HOWEVER we have done some scrambling and Oculus (one of our sponsors for the parties) have stepped up and said that anyone that goes by the Oculus booth at the convention today and gets one of their wristbands will be comp'd for their cover tonight at the Bonham. So make sure to visit the Oculus Rift booth at the expo hall today and snag one of those entry wristbands.

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    ZMPr0wlerZMPr0wler Registered User new member
    hello, i was at 2019 party just wondering if you will be hosting another party for 2020

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I am going to close this thread just so it doesn't get confused as being an event for south 2020.
    Geth, close this thread

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    GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

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