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Odd question about streaming to Twitch with an XBone

milk ducksmilk ducks Registered User regular
Hey guys, a friend of mine at work reached out to me yesterday with some streaming questions. I've got some experience recording on consoles with an Hauppage HDPVR, and I stream to Twitch from my PC with OBS, but I wasn't totally sure I knew how to answer his question, so I figured I'd ask here. His son likes to record his Fortnite gameplay. They do this by using the dad's macbook or whatever. They basically point the macbook at the television and record. Then they upload the gameplay footage later on. He wanted to know what he needed so that he could also get his son's face on the recording, like in a box on the screen. I told him I wasn't totally certain how he'd accomplish that with the setup he's using.

It's pretty easy with OBS, right? I just configure OBS to capture what's on my screen and then add my webcam in as a frame.

Does OBS exist for consoles? Is there a way to get a webcam element into a recording the way they're currently doing them? Is there a cheap alternative that I could suggest that would allow them to stream properly, without pointing a macbook at the television? I talked to him a little about an HDPVR but he said that sounded too complicated, and I can see how maybe that's true.

Any advice you guys have would be appreciated. I wanna help this dude out so he can get his son set up for Christmas.


  • PeenPeen tw1tch0rz occasionallyRegistered User regular
    The Twitch app on the XBox One can use a Kinect as a camera for broadcasting; you can still find one between $80 and $100, which isn't exactly cheap, but it's by far the easiest way and you could probably find one cheaper used (not you exactly but your friend, you know what I mean).

    And hey if his kid wanted to stream to Mixer instead its app will use pretty much any webcam!

  • milk ducksmilk ducks Registered User regular
    Awesome, thanks man!

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