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Pixelart game assets

MaydayMayday generation three hybridRegistered User regular
Hello guys!
After several years of absence, I'm very glad to finally have something to post about in the AC :) I'm working on sprites for a roguelike game and I'm interested in your critique.


The game uses 32x32 sprites for almost everything. Currently I'm trying to make one sprite for every function because there's a lot to cover, but variation is possible. Due to the size constraint, I'm not concerned with scale very much, trying to make good use of the available space instead. The game will feature advanced tactical situations so it's important for the symbols to be readable.
Likewise, I'm not aiming for a very consistent view angle. As long as everything is only slightly top-down, I'm satisfied - unfortunately you can put much more information in a side-view sprite, while the game itself is obviously viewed from above. So the display is rather symbolic in this regard.

Some notes about the sprites you can see below:
-wall sprites are composed of 8 possible sprites total (2 horizontal, 2 vertical and 4 corners).
-I've prepared borders for transitions of the floor sprites.
-The bush and sapling sprites have little impact other than visual so I've decreased their contrast.
-The unit sprites are composite, to reflect the unit's equipment. You can see a human warrior in chainmail, with no helmet, a sword and shield.
-There are automatically generated non-pixelart shadows around walls, to help improve readability of the view. Likewise, I'm happy with soft non-pixelart shadows around sprites.
-I've prepared three different variants of the water sprite, I'm not quite happy with either of them
-I think the bigger problem is the uniformity and attractiveness of the overall colour scheme, unfortunately the sprites are to be used in multiple situations, so it's hard for me to work out a compromise that both looks good overall AND is readable. Readability has priority here.



  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited January 6
    Mayday! Nice to see you again!

    This is some classic looking sprite work, its teeny tiny but I'm not having trouble reading anything. I feel like the balance of contrast is something you will have to juggle over time, as you build out your environments and scenes.
    -I think the bigger problem is the uniformity and attractiveness of the overall colour scheme, unfortunately the sprites are to be used in multiple situations, so it's hard for me to work out a compromise that both looks good overall AND is readable. Readability has priority here.

    If you want uniformity, I would vote to restrict the pallet and see if that helps.When you look at a game like hollow knight, at first all the monochromatic backgrounds seem a little odd, but as you play through it the choices really help build a unique setting, and the areas/items that do have more color really pop.

    I honestly think some of the modern pixel games, like stardew valley, are a bit hurt by just how bright and saturated and all over the place the colors are. That being said it's a choice that some people really gravitate to, so I wouldn't take this as advice as more something to experiment with, if the pallet is still something you are unhappy with.

    Your water texture looks fine to me, but if it a shallow pond, I prefer the see through method of something like secret of mana:

    Gives it depth, but maybe thats not possible with the small sprites...

    Iruka on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    The interior dungeon tiles are top of the line!

    However I find the outdoor tiles to be bland, and I think it has to do with the colour. Perhaps consider a sunset theme, or a soft blue, just to differentiate your game from many others that use a similar style.


    Forgive me for my rough work, I’m on my phone.

    I can’t code but I imagine it’s possible to overlay a screen with a translucent colour, so you can use the same tiles in different locations. Just food for thought, focus on making the game first!

    Otherwise it’s a great start!

  • MaydayMayday generation three hybrid Registered User regular
    edited January 12
    Hey guys, thanks for the comments!
    @Iruka, I'm glad you're still around! :D I will work on some transparent water, I think that will look better indeed! I also wanted to try and provide a less saturated set of backgrounds with less colours in the palette, but I realized that will have to wait until I have more assets ready. Fortunately the ease of modifying palettes is one of the main strengths of pixelart :)
    Hollow Knight might be an extreme example, but I've recently replayed Ori and was amazed by how the mellow and relatively desaturated backgrounds (I'm talking about a few choice areas here) manage to stay super alive with lots of character. I'm certainly trying to veer away from the likes of Stardew Valley, though I'm afraid I might subconsciously gravitate towards it :/

    @Endless_Serpents those mockups do look a lot more interesting... but they're strongly overlapping with the day/night cycle feature that is being considered for the game. I think my knowledge about colour theory might not be strong enough to work out a solution that is both interesting during the day and allows for a good automatic creation of sunsets and nights, but who knows... I will certainly try. The balance between making backgrounds both unobtrusive and interesting seems like an unreachable ideal to me right now.

    Mayday on
  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited January 14
    Mayday! Welcome back!

    Jumping off Iruka's comment about the water, maybe you could exaggerate the depth of the grass a little more by adding an obvious side plane facing the viewer. At the moment it kind of feels like the path is sitting on top of the grass, instead of the grass growing around it.


    Kinda like this only not terrible

    Flay on
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