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PAX South 2019 Pins

thx42thx42 regularSeattleRegistered User regular
edited January 25 in Pinny Arcade
PAX South 2019 Pins -
PAX South 2019 Pin Quest -
PAX South 2019 Merch Banner -

Purchase Pins
PAX South 2019 Pin Set (South 2019 Logo, Sunglasses Gabe Emoji, Grimacing Tycho Emoji, Heart Eyes Kemper Emoji) (All PAX Merch) -$30
PAX South 2019 LE Set (PAX Pizza LE "P", PAX Pizza LE "A", PAX Pizza LE "X") (Lobby PAX Merch) - $25 (LE1700)
PA Emote 2019 Pin Set (Bwomp Emote, No Chicken Emote, OOOoooooo Emote) (All PAX Merch) - $25
Shadow Council (All PAX Merch) - $15
Angus (Finji - 10609) - $20, or $60 for all 4 NitW pins
Bea (Finji - 10609) - $20, or $60 for all 4 NitW pins
Valeria (Kitfox- 10605) - $15
Sunder (Kitfox - 10605) - $15
Just Shapes & Beats (Berzerk Studio - 10255) - $20, $15 each if you buy 2
Gato Roboto (Devolver Digital - 11060) - $10
Days Gone (Sony - 10458) - $15 + tax
Satan (tinyBuild - 10669) - $10
Headup 10 Year (Headup Games - 10259) - $15
Descenders Helmet (No More Robots - 10611) - $15
Play Games Feel Better (Child's Play - 12688) - $20
Gibb (LRR - Bandland) - $10
Local 58 (Kris Straub - Bandland) -$15

Purchase Reward Pins
Fleshreaper Kemper (All PAX Merch) - Available for free with any purchase of $65 or more.
Merch 6.0 (All PAX Merch) - Available for free with any purchase of $100 or more.

Free or Purchase Pins
Split the Room Cat (Jackbox - Jackbox Stage - You get a free pin if you win a game, or get one the easy way—by purchasing them for $15 each.
YIIK Vella (Ysbryd - 10452) - Complete the demo of YIIK in order to receive one complimentary Vella pin or purchase for $15

Free Pins
Oculus PAX South 2019 - Obtain a Oculus Pin by completing a demo at the Oculus Rift room on Level 2 North and Oculus stations in VR Freeplay area on Level 3 or take a picture in front of the Stormland android, by the VR Freeplay area, post it on social media with the hashtags #oculus and #reclaimyourword.
Shiva (Skybound - 11235) - Play a demo of the game, The Walking Dead Something to Fear and receive a Shiva pin. 200 pins will be available each day with a limit of 1 per person per day.

Trade Pins
Kissin' Gabe - Trade with Mike (Gabe)
Kissin' Tycho - Trade with Jerry (Tycho)
Oksana - Trade with Kiko
Rex Ready - Trade with Ryan
Esther - Trade with Dabe
Grace - Trade with Lidija
Mr. Period - Trade with Patrick
Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood - Trade with Elyssa
Witchalok - Trade with Jeff
CTS - Trade with Laura
Gold Rex Ready - Trade with ?
Gold Grace - Trade with ?
Gold Mr. Period - Trade with ?
Gold CTS - Trade with ?

thx42 on


  • SkeleVaderSkeleVader Your Friendly Dark Lord of Destruction Registered User regular
    With how popular the spinners were, I was really hoping for another LE series in that style. I really don’t like the look of the melted cheese.
    Love that Shadow Council pin. Can’t wait to pick that one up.


  • ArcSynArcSyn regular Registered User regular
    I am really curious how a 3 piece LE set is going to play out.

  • BaconGreaseBaconGrease regular Registered User regular
    are the LE pins different for each day or are they sold as a set?

  • CrazyCoolCollectorCrazyCoolCollector new member Registered User new member
    are the LE pins different for each day or are they sold as a set?

    Pax South 2019 LE pins are sold as a set for $25 (USD), not sold separately.

  • redfield85redfield85 regular Registered User regular
    edited January 20
    Didn't see a thread for this, but if anyone picks up an extra set of the 2 Night in the Woods pins, I'd love to talk.

    *sees $60 for all pins but I have a Mae pin


    redfield85 on
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