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My Clothing Advice as a Local: bring clothing for wet, cold and mid-70s weather

hikarutilmitthikarutilmitt Registered User new member
Friday is expected to be in the 70s with some brief rain. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be cold (and I would expect possibly wet). Keep in mind this can change on a dime because of Texas weather not having actual patterns.

Anyone remembering the first PAX South remembers that Friday was pretty frigid (20s and 30s) and Saturday and Sunday were sunny and breezy (70s). Texas weather is rather unpredictable at times and one day a forecast will say 70s and the next day it'll say 40s and nearly freezing. This is actually happening right now. Our weather tends to get colder from mid-January until mid-to-end-February and rain/sleet/snow are not terribly uncommon. If it storms hard enough, you may very well think you're about to die.

I'd like to keep this up each year, but I keep forgetting to. Considering how the weather can affect your experience (clothing, PAX Pox, etc) I'd like to keep everyone coming from out of town aware, as this can also affect hours outside of PAX itself like when you're foraging for food or trying to get back to your hotel.


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    KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Now I am wondering if I should bring my big coat. I bought a lighter insulated jacket.

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