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Hi everybody,

Welcome to Project BlockchainZ, the code name for the video game prototype me and my colleagues are working so hard. It's a Third Person Shooter video game with RPG and Real Time Tactics mechanics. The game prototype is already available on itch.io:

Game Storyline

Nobody could imagine the falling of the whole world until the deaths woke up. That nonliving ones became something we cannot consider as human being. They changed into a new creature, stronger, more frightening, and almost unbeatable. Society broke in pieces and the few ones alive had to survive at any cost. As the Captain of a ranger platoon you must protect a bunker crowded of helpless people until the reinforcements arrive.
There’s only one way to kill the damn zombies: the BlockchainZ Ammo.

Search for the BlockchainZ Ammo and destroy the hordes of zombies, but beware of the raiders: they will take your BlockchainZ Ammo whatever it takes. Right now the Raiders have all the BlockchainZ ammo, you must fight them and spoil it, but be on guard, they will counterattack.Remember, the survival of the people depends on you. Don’t let them down!



Once you start playing Project BlockchainZ, you must defend the bunker against the hordes of zombies and raiders on a fixed map where you'll fight with your troops and traps.
The bunker is basically the main area where you'll not only have to keep the people within alive, but also yourself during the reinforcements arrive.


The zombies are extremely resistant, so you will need a type of ammo called BlockchainZ, which contains a very strong poison that acts directly against the brain traveling through the body. The BlockchainZ Ammo is hidden in Raiders Storages and you must spoil it from them. The more B-Z Ammo you spoil, the more Raiders will attack you, increasing the game difficulty level.

  • Third Person Shooter.
  • Tactical map to manage your troops across the battle.
  • Deploy defensive elements to direct the action where you want.
  • Post apocalypse - scify style.
  • RPG character development.






Feedback is so welcome! Please, join our Discord Server.

This video game is like a big blank canvas. Right now, we really need the community feedback in order to get a good balance in the gameplay. So, we will update this thread to show you our improvements. Hope you download Project BlockchainZ and enjoy playing it. Any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for all the support!


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    Hi everybody,

    We just uploaded a new frresh video in YouTube and wanna show you this battle. We believe it looks pretty cool. So, hordes of zombies are coming from all everywhere, and you must command your soldiers and prepare the battlefield to defend your position. This is the strategy I took to save the troop:

    What would you do to defend your position?

    Download the game prototype on itch.io: https://projectblockchainz.itch.io/projectbcz

    Feedback is so welcome! Please, join our Official Discord Server: https://www.projectbcz.com

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