Genesis Alpha One: Bring your own hobo spiders.

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Being a log of my first and current playthrough.

Log begins:

This is crew unit Mora. I've taken over for Greenwood as acting Captain.
Greenwood was lost in space when he went down to a hull section that had been hit with a meteor to see if he could lock it down.

We've been on mission for over one hundred jumps, losing the Captain about jump 30 and Greenwood just a few jumps ago.

We've nearly recovered from the hobo spider infestation. Our understanding of how this sectors life forms operate is still lacking and how the life forms can exist in an unstoppable gaseous state is a mystery that might never be solved.

I can only imagine the look on Greenwoods face, after all those constant post beaming and planet side mission patrols… to turn the corner and find the entire beam corridor teaming with basketball sized spiders.

At least with the spiders it was a self fixing problem. The corridor collapsed, taking the nests with them… and a couple of generators as well.

This put us in serious straits. We had no copper, and going through the records no known planet side copper deposits. No vendor stock either.

This lead to the worst decision Greenwood made in his time as acting Captain. Hoping to reclaim the copper from the hanger to rebuild the beamer and access space born copper we collapsed the hanger… only to watch it, and its copper, drift off slowly into space.

I don't understand why we aren't trained for space walks…

Greenwood, in a desperate attempt to save the ship jumped us into an asteroid belt where the only vendor we hadn't contacted yet was at. Acting Captain was masterful, jumping in and screaming at the vendor while shoving resources out the port until enough copper was obtained and then jumping out. He did it in 30 ticks.

Still in that time an asteroid hit a lower corridor. Greenwood went to take a look at the damage...

I've spent my time in charge redesigning the ship for redundancy, rebuilding lost resources and nearly killing the crew myself when I accidentally ordered more clones than our biosphere could support.

I had to shoot a clone in the head to save us.

Another report of green gas in the beam room.

I'm heading to the ducts.

Mora out.

Log ends:

If you like 80s alien movies, and you like the though of a minor mistake killing everyone you know and love, this games for you.

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