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Polygon's Royal

FlyingcubicleFlyingcubicle new memberRegistered User new member

Polygon's Royal is the battleground survival game for everyone! It is a single player last man standing third person shooter for low spec pc’s with adjustable graphic settings for higher spec pc’s.

The game principle is simple, you wake up on a lonely island without any equipment and weapons. The goal is to survive among other player and be the last man standing. You play in an hostile environment with ghost towns and cities where you can find weapons and other equipment. You get rewards for winning the round by being the last man standing. Your rewards can be used to upgrade your default load out and fill up your custom equipment hotdrop. You can use the earned cash to buy weapons and equipment to customize your weapons to your specific needs. As you progress in the game you Level up ranks and unlock new items, weapons and cosmetic items like hats, funny masks and upgrade your character to the ultimate survival machine.

- 2 Modes Battle Royal and Zombie Escape
- different Shootable weapons (with different recoil, spread etc)
- different Pickup equipment (Vest, Backpack)
- different Weapon specific ammo
- 1 small Map, 1 big Map, 1 small zombie city, 1 big procedural generated zombie city
-"smart" bots to play with
- Shop and Inventory system with persistent and non persistent items
- different cosmetic items like masks and helmets

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[Click here](!

Features :

- Action packed third person shooter in a nice polygon style (Assets by Synthy)

- Adjustable amount of bots and game duration

- Different unlockable weapons, items to upgrade and create your own custom drop

- Tons of cosmetic items like mask, hats and accessories for your character to make them unique

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