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Sunday, 3/31 -- anyone driving back to NYC / Long Island and have room for a carpool?

iltailta Registered User regular
I used to do the "stay over til Monday" thing but last year the bus ended up getting so delayed going through Manhattan (plus going to four days really added to the expense!) that this year I decided to try leaving on Sunday instead.

However, now I'm seeing that the bus and train schedules on the way back are less than ideal, especially when you add another hour+ of subway afterwards.

So, is anyone driving back to NYC or environs? I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, but I'd be happy to just get close enough that a short subway or lyft hop could take me the rest of the way. I can pitch in with driving (current NYS license, perfect driving record) and, of course, gas + tolls. Send me a PM or email me at [email protected] if you're interested!

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