On-line racing on PS3. Still possible? (Fx. with NFS Shift2 or Project Cars)

So for years a friend and I have been using racing GT5/GT6 as a vessel to chat continent to continent and of course to see who is fastest, but the racing part died with GT6. We have been doing okay using others means of communication, but find our selves missing the racing.

So I'm trying to find out if there is still use for the PS3 as a racing enabler or if we need to consider switching platform, something which I don't think my friend is crazy about as he would rather spend his spare cash om track day related expenses(track day fees, tires, fuel, the occasional engine parts..)*.

Having done a bit of research it seems two possible titles we could take a shot at are NFS-Shift 2 and Project Cars, both rather old titles and I am certainly open to other suggestions. However the main question are they even functional when it comes to online gaming anymore - I found lots of news on how on-line gaming has shut down on PS3 for many titles and neither of the two are available as demos.

*If I too was located in car racing friendly Texas I would having the same issue, but being in racing unfriendly Denmark it is not so much off an issue ie. just the one real race track and hardly any track days.

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    BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    So I learned that Project Cars is actually on PS4 and not PS3 and PS4 as I somehow got into my head. So this then means NFS Shift 2 may be the only option.
    Please - some one must know if it is even a possibility or not. Or if there is some other game we should look at.

    Bones heal, glory is forever.
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