Let Us Discuss: Simple Pleasures of Life



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    Rorshach KringleRorshach Kringle that crustache life Registered User regular


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    XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    ChicoBlue wrote: »
    Jerking what with your foot?

    Chicken I guess

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    Mai-KeroMai-Kero Registered User regular
    Eating something really spicy and then drinking something that cools you down almost immediately.

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    PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    I completed a spreadsheet and it balanced on the first try.
    Getting there might not have been simple, but I'd consider the pleasure itself pretty simple. Such a pretty little 0 variance cell.

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    King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    tynic wrote: »
    The more I read this thread the more I wonder what qualifies as a complicated pleasure.

    The complicated pleasure is someone brushing your teeth for you

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    UrielUriel Registered User regular

    Like milkshakes?

    The place down the street will sell you a one quart shake for like 5 bucks

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    JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    The twenty minutes or so after you realize that the Advil has completely erased the gnarly headache you came home from work with but the endorphins haven't quite gotten the memo yet.

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    TynnanTynnan seldom correct, never unsure Registered User regular
    The third movement of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2.

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