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Hello Friends...if you're a fan of the C-Team, you've come to the right place! Penny Arcade was kind enough to create a home for us within their Forum, so we can conspire, share resources and compile our works of Documancy! This new home isn't meant to replace anything existing necessarily, but will bring together all of the great things our fellow Councillors have created! Feel free to use this forum to start specific discussions, as needed, but please be mindful of spoilers!

If you have resources that you would like to share with the Council, feel free to send the information to us at GobboSquad@gmail.com or on Twitter at:Squadgob and we will get it added!

It is important to all of us that the Shadow Council community remain a positive and inclusive space, so please be respectful of your fellow C-Team fans and continue to follow the forum rules set out by Penny Arcade.

~Nos tua opera placeant~

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