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Mega Man Cosplay

Roadside HawkRoadside Hawk Registered User new member
Anyone doing Mega Man cosplay on Saturday? We are 2 people dressing as Mega Man villains and need a Mega Man for photo ops.


  • Smiley_MassacreSmiley_Massacre Registered User regular
    Not sure if you're interested, but seeing this gave me an idea. I'm going as Macho Man Randy Savage, but I have the Mega Buster and the (plush) helmet of Mega Man. I can go as Mega Man Randy Savage, and help you for a silly photo op?


  • Registered User new member
    @megaseneca on instagram is doing a Mega Man Super Adapter cosplay and its really good. I'd reach out to them.

  • MegaSenecaMegaSeneca Registered User new member
    I’m gonna be cosplaying as Super Adapter Mega Man on Thursday and Saturday. And Mega Man Volnutt on Friday and Sunday

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