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Shadow Council Etiquette

ShinyxianShinyxian Shadow Councillor PDXRegistered User, Shadow Council Moderator regular
As this community grows we hope that everyone can feel welcome and safe to express their joy about the C-Team, D&D, and themselves! To that end, we wanted to ensure that we made our general expectations known, and make sure that the community is able to contribute! These are the rules that you will find in the [url="http://"]Shadow Council Discord[/url][/url], and we think that it is fair to extend those expectations to this environment as well.

Of course, please continue to follow the expectations set forth by Penny Arcade themselves! :)

Hardline Rules
Breaking these results in a ban
  • Threats of violence
  • Doxxing
  • Intentional misgendering or deadnaming
  • Acts of racism or prejudice

Softline Rules
Breaking these results in a warning, if there are repeated violations this can result in a ban
  • Insults or demeaning posts to any person, user or otherwise
  • Backlash from News - emotional responses are valid, but should not be used to attack others
  • Emotional or psychological posts that affect any user negatively
  • Trigger warning breach. If a request is made, the discussion ends. No steamrolling or telling a user to leave

Decorum Rules
Warning, 5 strike policy
  • Trying to/ starting drama or egging others on (inflammatory language, flaming, etc)
  • Misgendering, other disrespectful language
  • Excessive garbage posting/constant meme spam
  • Spoilers out of the spoiler channels
  • Tagging the cast or crew or other users who request not to be tagged
  • Over-explaining, or talking down to each other, or similar attitude. Be respectful
  • Complaining that anyone (cast or fan) is playing D&D 'wrong'
  • NSFW images or content needs to have warnings and be placed behind a spoiler bracket

These items are tracked by the mod team. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, and feel free to discuss!


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