Simulposting with geth locking a thread?

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Encountered an oddity, I assume it is normal to pop up a 'hey this thread got locked between refreshes' dialogue if you try posting in a recently-locked page, but apparently I timed it just right that my post went through before the lock landed, so I can see my post in the little window. Also if there is a close button for that window it was unclickable in this case, I had to navigate to a different page to get it to go away.

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    ChanusChanus Harbinger of the Spicy Rooster Apocalypse The Flames of a Thousand Collapsed StarsRegistered User regular
    Yeah, this is basically how it works. The post should also have actually appeared in the thread. If you refresh the page that window should go away.

    Also if you're on page 100+ of the thread, just Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C your post before you click submit if it's something you don't want to risk losing.

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