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[Roleplaying Games] Schrodinger's NPC



  • ThawmusThawmus +Jackface Registered User regular
    I've played Cypher! Our group played The Strange for a few months.

    I didn't like it, felt too abstract and I really hate abstract RPG's. I like lists of things and picking things out of those lists and putting them on my sheet and using them later and having finite rules for how they work. I don't like playing make-believe but for adults, because my imagination sucks and I have no creativity.

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  • GlaziusGlazius Registered User regular
    Glazius wrote: »
    Hey, thread. I'm planning to run a teaching game of Masks on the forums discord.

    Still looking for more than one player for this, by the way. If you've got time around an EST Sunday afternoon, why not stop by?

  • The BraysterThe Brayster UKRegistered User regular
    edited May 19
    Hi guys,

    Sign ups are open for a Play-by-Post game of 'The Quiet Year', if anyone is interested in joining in. Click Here

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