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Run Jump Rabbit Turtle - 2D platforming at its finest!

BadwrongBadwrong TokyoRegistered User regular
Gameplay so simple that the controls are in the actual title! Run Jump Rabbit Turtle is a challenging platformer game, in which you play as a rabbit and turtle that have been combined into one. Race to gather magical kiwis before they become rotten... or find ways to cheat.

Hi, I am a new solo indie developer and long time PA forum goer. This is my first game and have many bigger grander ideas to follow.
The game is geared towards speed runners, but I've added features and tweaked the gameplay so that someone can casually enjoy it as well.
I've been working with streamers as well to get the gameplay extremely polished and precise. So far the praise I have received from players is for the movement and level design!

Some steam keys are included below, please don't take them all and sell them for drugs. If they are used up feel free to email me at [email protected] and I should have some more.

Also a gameplay trailer and link to the steam page. More info and screenshots can be found there.


Oh and the game has jokes... lots of jokes. Most people will get this one...

STEAM KEYS. Please note if you take one.

Steam: Badwrong || Xbox: Duncan Dohnuts || PSN: Buc_wild

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