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PAX South 2020 Challenge Coin?

RILMSRILMS Darwell, ABRegistered User regular
I have been the point of contact for the PAX South 2016, 17, 18, and 19 coins and each has been an amazing experience.

Working with the community and Kiddercorp to create a lasting coin of each PAX has been wonderful for me as I love collecting coins and when I sort of fell into this role, I was very happy to take it on.

However, my life has changed and I am uncertain if I can keep it up. I wasn't even able to attend South 2019 due to my new job and life in Canada, and it's not looking good for 2020 either.

I think it might be time to pass on the role to someone new who can lead the charge with the coins and carry on this tradition.

We have a great community with PAX South and there is a great community of Coin Coordinators that work behind the scenes with each other.

Who ever is able to take this on, I know they will get help from the communities and myself if I am able to.

I figured by posting this now, it will give people some time to think it over before we should start designing in September/October.

Thank you everyone for your love and support of the challenge coins!!

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