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Does anyone at PAX buy Pokemon cards?

Captain Ironsides Captain Ironsides Registered User regular
edited May 30 in PAX General Discussion
As the title suggests, I've got a bunch of old Pokemon cards from my childhood that I would like to sell. I don't think any of them are in great condition, let alone mint condition, so it's not like I expect to make a bunch of money off these. I just no longer have interest in keeping them as I lost my three favorite cards (two of the old, iconic, rare Charizard cards, of which one was in decent condition at least, and an Ancient Mew card) and the cards I have left probably aren't worth it to hold onto. There should be at least 200 or more cards in my deck, with varying conditions from poor to good, and a few holos and several rares. I also have an original Pokedex that may or may not still work (just checked it and it still powers up on the original battery, but the images on the screen look broken, despite the whole thing being totally undamaged).

So, does PAX or anyone there actually buy Pokemon cards, let alone less-than-ideal-condition cards? I just wanna dump my set for a reasonable bulk price, while getting some value out of my better cards.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this; I'm still new to these forums.

Captain Ironsides on
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