Penny Arcade - Comic - Championing Idleness

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imagePenny Arcade - Comic - Championing Idleness

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

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    MaryAmeliaMaryAmelia Registered User regular
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    I've seen a few ads for this, and... I'm struggling to imagine how they built P2W features into the game (I'm assuming there are some). You spend money to... not idle as much? Get more for equal amounts of idleness? Be more efficient at idling?

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    zepherinzepherin Russian warship, go fuck yourself Registered User regular
    I think you unlock different heroes items and powers to be idle with.

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    QuidQuid Definitely not a banana Registered User regular
    Most idle games absolutely let people spend more money to be idle more efficiently.

    It’s madness.

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    PreacherPreacher Registered User regular
    Someone mentioned the top steam review has links to gamblers anonymous. So yeah.

    I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine.

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    DjiemDjiem Registered User regular
    I'm so good at idle games I never installed any of them, or spent money in them.

    Making me the true winner in the end.

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    MrMiracleMrMiracle Registered User regular
    There was an episode of CR's Mame Drop where the show sponsor was Idle Champions, and the cast had more fun playing Gauntlet 2 for an hour.

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    MarcinMNMarcinMN Registered User regular
    I just like this quote from the newspost:

    "It [today's comic] also allowed us to return to a classic Penny Arcade pastime, that of kicking sponsors directly in the mouth. I can already feel my youthful vigor return!"

    "It's just as I've always said. We are being digested by an amoral universe."

    -Tycho Brahe
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    ShowsniShowsni Registered User regular
    When I get the urge for some good idling gameplay I fire up Progress Quest for a few weeks.

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    HevachHevach Registered User regular
    edited May 2019
    Just a few examples from the various idle games I've used as sleep aids:

    -Special upgrades unlocked with premium currency
    -Temporary buffs like super rapid clicking or increased money per second
    -Time skip (spend some funbux, get your next 24 hours of idle instantly)
    -Whatever the "start over but better" system is called, get more of it for premium currency
    -Gacha style units with the best ones almost impossible to get without premium currency
    -Crazy expensive upgrades that would take weeks, or just spend a dollar or so in premium currency
    -Lootboxes containing any of the above
    -Lootboxes containing any of the above INCLUDING the above lootboxes, because God no longers loves His creation and all is now misery

    Like... seriously, these are games built around arbitrarily long progress bars that get geometrically longer by design. How hard is it to imagine the horrible ways they can be monetized? Take Dungeon Keeper Mobile and strip out everything except the progress bars and the numbers and it still wants you to spend exactly as much money to get anywhere.

    Hevach on
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    RottonappleRottonapple Registered User regular
    well I didn't know they have ads for this game on the site, adblocker ftw

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    DjiemDjiem Registered User regular
    This is what happens when you replace the game designers with psychologists and marketers.

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    dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    well I didn't know they have ads for this game on the site, adblocker ftw

    Do they? Or is that just a guess? Signed out of ClubPA (no ads) and refreshed several times and never got one.

    They have a bunch of their characters in the game. I figured the developer paid them money for that license. That's what I assumed the "sponsor" bit was.

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    OctoberRavenOctoberRaven Plays fighting games for the story Skyeline Hotel Apartment 4ARegistered User regular
    Wait, Idle Champions has lootboxes?

    It's like they saw Battlefront II and said "Hold my 4Loko"

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    QuidQuid Definitely not a banana Registered User regular
    well I didn't know they have ads for this game on the site, adblocker ftw

    There aren't any ads for anything anywhere on the site that aren't PA related as far as I can tell. Sponsorship doesn't necessarily equate to ads.

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    YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    I'm not generally a fan of the Idle Clicker genre, but I got a kick out of Universal Paperclips. It didn't ask much of my time, has no transactions of any kind (the mobile version does cost $1.99), and has an ending.

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    MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
    edited June 2019
    I've given money to those adorable Neko Atsume cats so they can have more toys and a bigger house. That's my extent with an idle game. Not even sure if that is one.

    MichaelLC on
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    SorceSorce Not ThereRegistered User regular
    Cookie Clicker is the one true champion and can never be beaten.

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    Hawk oneHawk one Registered User regular
    Cookie Clicker may have been the original... But Sandcastle Builder is the idle game to end all idle games.

    But signatures don't really work, do they?
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    pwgcbcpwgcbc Registered User new member
    I've been playing idle champions for 15 years. They are called Folding@Home and SETI@Home.

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    ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    AFK Arena has its hooks in me, if only because the art is just beautiful.

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    DaimarDaimar A Million Feet Tall of Awesome Registered User regular
    If I have a computer on at work or home then Cookie Clicker is running.

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