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Backspace Bouken - A wacky typing dungeon crawler RPG for [PC/Linux/Mac]! Demo out now!

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

The wacky, weird typing dungeon crawler RPG for PC/Linux/Mac!
Demo out now!


I'm currently one half of the two-man team building the indie game: Backspace Bouken. It's a typing first-person dungeon crawler RPG, started as a Ludum Dare 42 game last year. We're planning a release later this year or next year on both PC and Linux, and would love to know what you guys think! It's a bit of a strange idea, but one that has been surprisingly popular thus far. As our demo is free for anyone to download and try out, we're hoping to get feedback on anything and everything you like or don't like and will be actively working to improve the game in response. So, please check it out and let us know what you think!

This is our release trailer! We're planning on having the game done and released on Steam by the end of the year, where it's already available to wishlist! If you would like to follow our progress elsewhere, we also have a mailing list on our website and a Twitter.


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  • DrezDrez Registered User regular
    Looks interesting.

  • pichuscutepichuscute IndianaRegistered User regular
    Drez wrote: »
    Looks interesting.

    Thanks! If you play the demo, let us know what you think so far. :)

    A developer on the typing dungeon crawler Backspace Bouken!

    Fav game series: Zelda, Mario Kart, WipEout, Final Fantasy, SMT, Custom Robo, Mirror's Edge.
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