[Storm March] Group 2 — The Calling

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“Darling, have you heard the buzz about the Tempest Wall?”, says a nice enough woman from behind a newspaper.

“Yes, yes, it’s all anyone is talking about. It won’t come to pass, of course, one simply can’t go beyond the Wall. Fact of life, law of nature, that sort of thing.”, her partner replies.

She lights a pipe and snatched up the newspaper playfully.

Obviously crestfallen, the nice enough woman continues, “Of course. But it is a lovely idea, don’t you agree? Three fleets ejecting their most brutal weapons of war into the eternal storm, all in the hopes that three— what are they calling them?

“Isleships”, a chuckle, “Tiny islands rigged with engines and unsavoury magic to let them chug along like a clumsy galleon.”

“That’s right. Isleships. Then when a break in the Tempest Wall is made three isleships of three separate nations working in unison sail off to an unknown sky. Ever so romantic.”

“Perhaps dear, perhaps. But it’s simply impossible, they’re doomed to fail.”

“We’re doomed!”, Quartermaster Adair hollers as he grips the wheel of Aurlancea, the ceiling of the bridge tearing off a moment after.

Even so he’s grinning as he banks an entire island away from Pang’s Wish, which has risen to avoid some danger.

Lightning rips and forks but will never strike, for there is no ground here, only bruised black clouds and bullet fast rock the size of fists. If he lives that long, Kani is going to reveal in being the old man that says, “You’ve not experienced a storm ‘til it's been all around you with no way to go but through!”

Kani is a lookout on Maykupuni, but right now he’s hiding below, and no one will hold that against him. Not as one of their own galleons is torn from its chains and blown to shrapnel in seconds against the storm.

Luckily for you, some enterprising logistics officer from Nijico got every crewman, mercenary and scholar aboard the isleships ear-muffs to drown out the thunder. Unfortunately you still feel like your soul is being vibrated out of your body by the incessant roll of angry clouds. No matter who you are, you’re being thrown about, suffering madalies you never knew existed, and overall you feel one thing: Doomed.

But time passes, and you arrive. Shaken yet renewed, baptised by the Tempest Wall herself, each pioneer tentatively looks over the damage to the three isleships, this new Steading, and is awestruck by a new sky full of untamed islands that lies beyond it.

None know who coined it, and it’s the first argument of many around the Steading, but before you by dawn’s golden light is the Storm March. No one’s islands, a free sky, a new world, yours for the taking.

Far from you courageous explorers and storied exiles, a nice enough woman looks out from her balcony, and sighs.

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    The Current Roster
    Doruthan, Living Inferno Man

    Imani, Slickest Fighter Ever

    Exilis, Go Go Aquilaean Ranger

    Hawthorne, Trickster Cleric of the Moon

    Now these four adventures currently quest in the other Storm March thread, but over time I intent to allow for party member swaps, to really make the place a persistent changing world.

    Welcome to the recruitment thread everyone! Feel free to join the Storm March. To those that have shown interest, hello!

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    The Pitch

    Persistent World
    The adventures you undertake are in your hands. There’s no pre-planned story. In its place is a living, breathing world that moves with and without you. You affect it, and it pushes back. A danger left to linger will grow, people will go about their schemes while you are away, changes you make will persist, and marks of your passing will be found by other adventuring parties.

    Changing Alliances
    There are no set parties in Storm March. Instead you team up with other adventurers interested in taking the same quest, or convinced to pursue your personal expedition. Adventurers can switch parties after every jaunt into the Storm March.

    Pulp Serials
    Every quest is self contained. You venture into the unknown, land on a new island, find or are found by adventure, and return home to the Steading by its natural end.

    Every session (after forming a party at the Steading) begins just before landing at your destination, or in the thick of action after landing. There is no time to waste in the Storm March.

    The Steading
    Consisting of three very different locales, every session begins with a quick scene at the Steading. After a quest is completed the current party will carouse together, then part ways. The Steading is safe, and is a place for trade and discussion for those not currently in a party. The Steading will grow over time, as of the initial sessions it is still recovering from the journey through the Tempest Wall.

    A quest or two may take place in the Steading if a few players suggest it, but to begin with these are tales of exploration, mystery and daring, rather than intrigue.

    The Skies Beyond
    Choose your own reason you don’t want to go back to where you came from, for otherwise it makes little sense for you to be here. Should you wish to retire a character, or you can no longer play, it’s assumed that adventurer has ‘gone back to the farm’ until further notice.

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    Extra Character Creation Rules

    Getting Started
    Create a level 1 character using any of the standard classes, including Barbarian, Arcane Duelist and Immolator. The rules for Dungeon World can be found online, here are some resources for those that don’t have the book.



    Traditionally there should be no duplicate classes in a Dungeon World game, but I’ll allow it, as I do not expect two characters to be roleplayed the same nor take the same advances as they level up. Through play we will define each character, and if your narrative has a defining moment I will create a custom move or even an entire compendium class appropriate for you to take when you next level up.

    I suggest using these character sheets if you have google drive/docs:

    Otherwise many other blank sheets can be found online, or you can just write down your details by hand. There isn’t too much to your character.

    If you want to play a third party class just run it by me first.

    Cultural Options
    Your character sheet asks you to select a race, and thereby gain a racial move. In Storm March, you instead make up your own race (or a culture, lineage, or house). Give your kind a name, or an associated island, and either choose an appropriate move from the standard options, or work with the GM to create a move to suit.

    As an example:
    You're one of the blue skinned, horned and roguishly charming folk from Melovia, a crumbling city state.
    When you break a social taboo, and manage to talk your way out of it, mark experience.

    Red Rock Islander
    You’re a great hulking rough and ready sort, hard as the island you hail from.
    When you take damage, you can ignore it and take a debility instead.

    Flying Mount
    Next make a flying mount. Further rules for flying mounts are found here:

    Add your mount as a note on your character sheet.

    Populate the Steading
    Finally, make an NPC. Further rules for this character are found here:

    You do not need to make this character right now, but instead introduce them as you see fit.

    For now just focus on making a character, we’ll build the rest up as we go.

    The Steading

    These three isleships have boldly blazed a trail through the Tempest Wall and now, battered but lively, they rest. They are collectively known as the Steading, and people can walk (on rickety temporary bridges) and fly freely between them. Though there are those with obvious allegiances this is strictly speaking a joint venture.

    Choose a isleship to hail from. At a minimum you can find a bed for the night on that isleship, but you don’t own any property. You are assumed to be from a home island of the patron nation, but you need not be.

    The Golden Isleship
    Commissioned by the Osnier Republic.
    Hundreds of years ago a little country stole half of the sky and founded an empire that shaped the destiny of a thousand islands for centuries to come.
    A dozen civil wars, usurpations, expansions, regressions and treaties later, and the empire became a diplomatic republic with a representative of every major and minor island chain having a seat at the elected high council.
    Osnier is currently the largest nation in the skies, though huge tracts of uninhabited islands and those kept for strategic positioning are disputed by many.
    Those here on behalf of Osnier are quite honest on why they’re here, though no two will have quite the same answer. Wealth, the thrill of danger, a claim to stake, patriotic pride, curiosity.
    As far as the Republic is concerned they simply have a right to be here for their sheer grit and ingenuity in getting here.

    Aurlancea is a dusty frontier town with some decadent trappings.

    Pang’s Wish
    The Verdant Isleship
    Commissioned by the Temple of Renewal.
    Officially a neutral religious group, the Temple is widespread but ultimately Mysian in origin. Mysia is known as ‘The Last Kingdom’, a small nation lead by a young queen and a fearsome elite guard of warrior monks and devilish assassins. Or so they say. Mysia has been on the backpedal for generations, and claiming new ground would be of significant benefit to their queen, who rules in the stead of her father, who chose to abdicate.
    The Temple of Renewal in contrast is rising, a welcoming faith that believes strongly in redemption, the interconnected nature of all mortal life, liberty, and rustic living. Those less charitable say they draw in the unwanted and strange. If pressed, many members claim they’re just here to keep the peace, spread the faith and bask in the beauty of the wilderness.

    Pang’s Wish is a calm garden with a single small snowy mountain.

    The Sapphire Isleship
    Commissioned by the Sabaan League.
    The League is perhaps the oldest of nations, this has afforded them time to solidify their governance and defences, and none would be mad enough to make direct war on them in this era.
    Beginning as a handful of tiny islands, the Sabaan integrated other islands over the centuries as more industrial nations pushed them aside, giving them a quite true charitable history, though they’ve wiped their fair share of ‘troublemakers’ off the map too.
    The Sabaan League could be called tribal despite their high art, technology and magic, which is on par with any nation. Each individual island is lead by a chief, or some other manner traditional to that particular group, but each holds a binding contract in the Tablet of Order, which keeps them on hand to feed the hungry of a neighbour, fight on their behalf, and abide by the law of the island they’re currently standing on. It works to be sure, but at the cost of change being difficult among the islands.
    Which begs the question why they’re so far from home at all...

    Maykupuni is a tropical paradise with a warrior motif.

    I feel it’s very important to note that this isn’t my setting and story, but yours. Any details I have created so far (such as the three isleships) are just to get you started. I will often ask you questions about the world or what you’ve seen, and your answer will be the truth.

    My final setting extra are additional weapons. You can rebrand any existing weapon you can start with as something more exotic, though you can’t alter its tags, or you can replace one starting weapon with one of these:

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    Will post up character info here tomorrow evening. Expect a drunk idiot bunny soon.

    Selling the Scream Podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeremy-donaldson
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    Visual cues:

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    Quick note, those character sheets are great, but we found they list a non-standard array of starting stats — it should be 16, 15, 13, 12, 9, 8.

    Steam/LoL: Jericho89
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    Weekends a bit busy but ill try to get my character up today.

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    No rush, that’s what this session is all about. I’ll post at a later time when we’re going to start. I’m provisionally thinking Tuesday.

    Right now this thread is for queries, clarifications and ideas.

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    Name: Wei
    Class: Druid
    xp: 5

    Stat Bonus
    STR 15 1
    DEX 12 0
    CON 13 1
    INT 9 0
    WIS 16 2
    CHA 8 -1

    Race: Wilde(halfling treehuggers): The Wilde live on Yesheng island, a natural wilderness with a variety of habitats but most well-known is it's Great Forest, the depths of which have seen no civilized eyes. The Wilde live in harmony with the plants and animals of Yesheng, some living on the outskirts of the Forest in villages, farms or towns, while others of a more nomadic persuasion live within the forest, following animal herds, living a more tribal lifestyle. Though there are of course disagreements between various Wilde-peoples, it rarely comes to force. They believe in peace and harmony, though do not think them helpless. They will defend threats to their peace and harmony with ferocity, despite their smaller size and stature than most other races.

    Bio: Wei was born of one of the tribes and along with the others, lived peacefully and respectfully amongst nature, but he was different from a very early age. At first, it was only creatures of air he could speak to and understand. Then it was the animals and even the plants of the Great Forest. The shapeshifting came in adolescence. First it was the birds he had always watched with envy and spoke to at length of what they could see. Then, he saw for himself. Later, he found he could change into the animals of the forest, a fox, a squirrel, a deer, even a wolf or a bear. He was widely known and respected among his people but he was also an outcast. He no longer felt a part of his tribe, or of any tribe, and the village-people were even more nervous around him. He went alone deep in the Great Forest, farther than any other. Sometimes, his people would not see him for years at a time. The first time, they assumed he died, but he showed up, ever more wilder than before. He helped his people, bringing great knowledge, fostering even greater respectful relationships between the Wilde and the natural world. He discovered that Yesheng, the island itself, was alive.

    Eventually, there was no part of the island he had not seen, not depths he had not plumbed, no caves he had not ventured into. He found himself wanting to see more. To discover new life, strange and wild. And Yesheng itself pushed him to leave, to discover, to explore. The island was ever a mystery, he did not know why it sent him, but it had a purpose.

    Alignment: Neutral(Eliminate an unnatural menace)

    Look: Wild eyes, Messy hair, Weathered Hides
    Born of the Air Tell: Feathery eyebrows that form horns like a Great Horned Owl.

    HP 19/19
    Damage d6

    Inventory: Weight:
    Hide Armor(1 armor) 1
    Spear(close, thrown, near,) 1
    Poultices and herbs(2 uses) 1
    Effigies of Nature(2 uses) 1
    Wei's Farseer(fragile) 0

    Racial Move: The sap of the Great Trees flow through you. Great Forest is considered your land
    Class Move: Born of the Air: Can shapeshift into birds
    Class Move: By Nature Sustained: Don't need to eat or drink or sleep
    Class Move: Spirit-Tongue(Birds, Great Forest Animals)
    Class Move: Shapeshifter: When you call upon the spirits to change your shape, roll+WIS. • On a 10+ hold 3. • On a 7–9 hold 2. • On a miss hold 1 in addition to whatever the GM says.

    Flying Mount

    Name: Jiang
    Creature: Enfield
    Looks: Large Winged Fox. The saddle andsaddlebags are crafted from pliable yet water-repellent plant material grown on Yesheng. They are dark green.
    Tag: Rare
    Instinct: Curious
    Stress: 1/5
    Background: Most riders choose their mounts but Jiang chose Wei. The Enfield are rare creatures of mystery who are rarely seen by civilized eyes. Even Wei only saw a handful during his many years of wandering. Jiang showed himself only a week before Wei was preparing to leave. Wei still doesn't know much about Jiang but they respect each other. It is a partnership and Wei professes no ownership of Jiang.

    Steading Connection:
    Name: Lyre (Pronounced "leer")
    Race: Wilde
    Looks: Lyre is short and stout. He wears his hair long in a ponytail that reaches down to the small of his back.
    Disposition: Carefree,
    Job: Writer
    Relationship: Friend

    History: Wei and Lyre have been friends since they were young, Lyre being the only Wilde who didn't seem to be afraid or nervous around Wei. Lyre is more of a scholar and writer, surprisingly, with little interest in adventures other than writing them down when Wei is in a good enough mood to tell them. The two couldn't be more different and yet have maintained a friendship for decades. When Wei revealed he was leaving, Lyre would not be left behind. ""I will be the first writer to chronicle these new lands! How could I miss this opportunity!?"

    Wei shares a secret with Otto, drawing the two closer together.
    Wei has shown Otto a secret rite of the land.


    Wei (though Wei has spear instead of staff, no shield and weirder eyebrows):

    Great Horned Owl to show what Wei's eyebrows look kinda like?


    Edit: Forgot to put Bio in the first time.

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    That is an excellently designed character! They’re different to everyone in the other group, and I suspect they’ll look at the Storm March with a unique viewpoint.

    Add this to your character sheet:

    Effigies of Nature
    Plain little figures made of woven sticks.
    3 uses, 1 weight
    When you kiss an effigy and throw it at a surface, an expansive area of intertwining vines reaches from the surface across a gap or up to somewhere high; your choice.

    When it comes up during play, say how you got it.

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    Just a quick update! We’ll start session one on Tuesday at 1600GMT.

    From there this will become the in-character thread for your exciting pulp adventures! If you have some out-of-character questions or banter write it like so: [OOC: words].

    You’ll have your pick of the two nearest undiscovered islands for exploration, or a mission guarding a galleon headed to a recently claimed one set to be a neutral meeting place for the powers that be.

    How’s the character creation going? Don’t be shy, I can talk you through anything you need and I’m down just to spitball ideas—this is your setting!

    When you’re done post it here, or a link to it, and you’ll get a neat extra starting item.

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    Here we go:

    Theme music:

    Arcane Duelist
    Osnier Human (from the Repuplic's capital city of Osnos)
    STR: 8
    DEX: 16
    CON: 12
    INT: 15
    WIS: 13
    CHA: 9

    Alignment: Good (Slay a menace to the innocent.)
    Look: Weary eyes, Cropped hair, Black riding leathers, Scarred body

    HP: 20
    Damage: d8

    Leathers (1a) 1
    Dueling Rapier 2
    Flintlock 1
    Rations/10 2
    Adventuring Gear 1

    Racial Move: Your fighting style is showy and impressive. Gain +1 forward to parley with anyone who has seen you fight.
    Class Move: Arcane Bladework (Int)
    Class Move: Throw Down The Gauntlet (Cha)
    Class Move: The Riddle of Steel
    Class Move: Student of the Blade (4 techniques: Busrt, Galvanic, Soul-Siphoning, Quicksilver)

    Species: Screamwing
    Name: Harley
    Look: Aged and scared, this screamwing is the junkyard dog of giant bats, down to the odd snaggled fang. Leather saddle with metal ornamentation and painted silhouettes of confirmed kills on the side.
    Tag: scarred
    Instinct: Challenge: To surpass other flying creatures.

    Otto is a middle-aged veteran of the Osnier flying cavalry. He's reasonably fit, medium height, has weathered and scarred skin. His scars are from dueling and have somehow managed to avoid disfiguring him in any significant way; they only help him with the ladies. He is clad head-to-toe in black riding leathers that when new where ornate, but are now battle-worn. His leather jacket's back is painted with the heraldry of his old unit, now cracked through years of wear and tear. The painted image depicts a stylized diving screamwing over a red circle on a yellow background. Above the bat is an arcing scroll with "Hunters From The Sky" in calligraphic letters written on it. He wears a pilgrim hat, covering his high-and-tight haircut he's kept since his time in the cavalry. Completing his outfit are a pair of flight goggles, a dueling rapier, and a flintlock. Both weapons are decorated with arcane symbols one would associate with wizards.
    [ooc: Think Games Workshop witchhunter crossed with a biker. The heraldry is reminiscent of Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengeance album cover. The flintlock and rapier's decorations are remiscent of a spellslinger's shooting irons from Castle Falkenstein.]

    Since his time in the cavalry, Otto has become a vagabond, drifting from island to island performing odd jobs to keep Harley, his trusty screamwing, fed and a place to sleep. He has a reputation as a "problem solver for hire" and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. If you need an assassin, but can't afford or care about discretion, Otto's your man. He works relatively cheaply and gets the job done with style. He'll hunt anything that draws breath or at least did at one time. When the job's done another kill marker goes on his mount's saddle and he moves on to the next town. Or at least he moved from town to town until Aunt Syndy convinced him to join her in the March.

    Steading Connection
    Name: Aunt Syndy
    Everyone knows Aunt Syndy. She runs the best, shall we say, "entertainment establishments" in the islands. She's looking to expland into the Storm March, providing the same kind of vices in the new frontier with hopefully fewer entanglements with local officials. She's used Otto's services in the past and sought him out to be part of her staff in the Marches. How she convinced him to make the journey is anyone's guess.

    [ooc: I am not finding any images I am happy with, so depending on written cues. Syndy is, in my mind, a matronly sort and if anyone wants to get more descrptive than that, have at it.]

    Oo\ Ironsizide
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    Awesome work!

    Otto, mark your 1st experience point.

    Don’t worry about Aunt Syndy, I’ve got art and a lot to describe about her once we get going!

    I confess, the idea of riding giant bats is partly responsible for this whole setting!


    Add this item to your inventory:

    Erwin’s Darker
    5 charges, 0 weight
    A novelty patterned lighter a great and bored magician once gifted you for a job well done.


    When you flick the darker with your thumb, choose a source of light you can see; its snuffed out. An electrical light (almost unheard of) will be broken, but simpler things like torches can be relit later. A great blaze will be pushed back, but will continue to burn.

    The darker runs on ordinary lighter fuel.

    If anyone asks, you should tell them about the job that earned you this trinket.

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    As far as the mission, Wei would be most interested in the 'lush' island, B5.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Nice one, I’ll describe your potential expeditions tomorrow when the game starts, but I’ll count that.

    I’m fascinated to know how your characters will work together. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, you don’t start your first session with Bonds with each other. We’ll fill those in much later.

    As a reminder, we’ll be starting tomorrow!!

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    The second day dawns on the Steading, three islands born of three separate nations with one common goal: To seek out and claim the wonders of a new world.

    Things are still being repaired and accounted for since you pierced the Tempest Wall, but here you are in the Storm March. Islands dot the horizon like blotches of paint on a pale blue canvas; brilliant, bountiful, and untamed.

    For your own reasons you find yourself on Maykupuni this fine morning. What could go wrong with a little trip out into the new blue?


    “There’s that sun again,” Aunt Syndy drawls, “No matter how far you go, it always rises, and there’s always something, or someone, worth doing under it.”


    The madame gestures for one of her staff to wake up that grizzled cavalier in his private quarters (far away from the business end of the building) and remind him what’s what.

    Otto, along with whatever else you end up doing with this band of explorers, Syndy would like you to acquire a token of the Storm March to put on display in her boudoir. Nothing particular, just whatever you think is right. There’s 50 coins in it for you, more if it’s something truly precious.

    After your morning routine and a crack of your knuckles, you screech into the windy sky above Aurlancea and smash back down on Maykupuni, the so called Sapphire Island, behind a motley crew.

    Releasing the reigns and jumping off, your screamwing clumsily rushes on legs and wings to startle a flock of wild birds that were happily cooing nearby. One of them was very unlucky, but Hells, your lass has got to eat.


    Though you have bed and board on Pang’s Wish, you find yourself on her sister island little over a day after the Steading pierced the Tempest Wall and arrived here in the Storm March. Together all the people in this new untamed sky did the impossible, and you can’t help but feel like they’re family, no matter how different each one is, no matter their nationality or form. Besides, the warmth and the tropical view is worth the short trip.

    What a fine morning this is! It was Jiang that banked left what you pulled right, but you’re a team, and partnerships are about having equally say, so when you landed in front of Ma Kualu, you took that as a sign.


    Kualu is the ‘ma’ of a small tribal group and greatly influential across the Steading as a whole. Where the officials of Aurlancea are people of modern alchemy or of military background, and the monks of Pang’s Wish are moralists, spirituals, if not outright arcane, Ma Kualu trusts her gut and the traditions passed down to her from a time most cultures don’t have records counting.

    She squinted at you, spat to the side, then put her long arm around your shoulders and filled you in on the expeditions being set in motion. Beside you Jiang yipped and pranced; it’s time to see the new world—you both agree.

    [OOC: Though we’ve more interest I don’t have the characters of any other players. If anyone wants to drop in you can literally drop in now or later.]

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    A disciplined line of Huvull warriors practise their style against one another on the warm sands. Training ribbons twirl and slash (their true weapons made of edged silksteel), legs sweeping and flicking out—it’s as if they’re dancing. Neither opponent reaches the other before they leap or roll away. Further down a gaggle of elderly shaman sing together, a wordless throaty song that seems to make the air heavier and the clouds darken overhead as you pass them. A few children chase a bright pink krake pup and almost crash into you, skating a tight circle around or between your legs without stopping in the slightest. Finally you arrive at Big Drop, a set of wooden galleon piers on the edge of Maykupuni.

    Ma Kualu sits crossed legged before all of you on the soft powdery sand beneath a palm tree. Wei, you arrived before the rest, so you managed to grab a seat on a shipping crate.

    “Boayanee.”, she says it plain, like you understand, “There is so much to do. I need good hunters; hunters of beasts, hunters of ideas. We know nothing of the islands ahead of us, and the unknown is a great mouth.”

    She allows this statement several seconds, as if silence can communicate an equal amount as words.

    “Today there are a hundred things that need to be done, but for you there are three choices. Two islands nearby none have yet dared set foot on need to be explored, and yet another that has been scouted, but goes unclaimed.”

    She turns to you Otto, her voice lightening, “I thank the lady who sends you, I believe my augury bones told it right.”

    Ma Kualu goes on to describe what little detail she knows of the islands. Vote where you want to head.


    The first two islands remain nameless.

    A5 holds a barren belt of rock concealing a sharp, rugged stretch of island. What little can be picked up by telescope indicates it’s cold and inhospitable.

    B5 is lush with forest, and waterfalls cascade from the sides. It may have a basin spanning most of the island. Rain is sighted overhead, and hasn’t stopped since you arrived.

    C5 is Lucky Island.
    It’s been scouted out already, so now a galleon of builders, scholars and a few minor officials wish to go there to fully stake a claim. There will be folk from all three of the Steading’s islands, and the plan is to build a neutral meeting place there. They need guards on flying mounts, the galleon they’ll take will be too slow to react to potential dangers alone.
    The place is packed with wildlife, muddy, mossy, and has towering giant mushrooms the likes of which have never been seen elsewhere in the world.

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    Wei sits on the edge of a crate with one foot on the edge and one leg handing down. He lets his spear lean against him, blunt end in the ground. He grips the spear and taps it on the ground to signal an interest to speak. "We have the opportunity to be the first to explore one of the unnamed islands. We should take it. I admit I lean towards the forested isle, as regardless of the luscious life, it may contain resources, but the barren island also intrigues me. Even a desert has life within it, and often, the more inhospitable a land, the stranger the life it holds." Wei spoke his peace and then was silent, waiting. He looks at his soon-to-be companions with curiosity. He has rarely wandered with others.

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    You hear a hearty belly laugh as Mido breaks through the gathered explorers and pioneers milling around Kualu.

    “Ma! You said you needed me?”

    Mido is infamous, even to you Wei, for being a turncoat. He used to serve as a diplomat in one of the larger Osnier Republic cities until he fled by night to the Sabaan League. Rumours are muddled, some say he stole important plans and sold them to the Sabaani for wealth and luxury, others say he had to flee after bedding a high councillor’s partner, and he’s no more for the League than for anyone but himself.

    His mount is some breed of Kano’akitsa, a mount traditional associated with the royalty of Mysia. Having one and being anything but nobility is still frowned upon by some. They’re vicious and quick, but dim compared to most other flying mounts.

    If he’s working for Kualu, you suppose he owes her something.

    They talk briefly, and Mido flashes you a salesman’s smile.

    “Wei! Looks like I’ll be working with you today. I’ve an eye for value, and I’m tougher than I seem. I can see us accomplishing great things!”, he holds out a manicured hand for you to shake, “The lush island sounds splendid to me.”

    [OOC: What do you mean you don’t trust your good friend Mido? He is here to help!]

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  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    Leaning against the nearest wall, Otto absent mindedly flicks open and closed what appears to be a small lighter while listening to Ma Kualu's briefing. He tips his hat at her greeting, replying, "I'll send along your regards ole Auntie." He listens to Wei's thoughts and ponders his reply as Mido arrives.

    After Mido says his piece, Otto puts away his lighter and looks at his newfound fellow travelers. "While I'm not overly fond on the rain up yonder on that thar forested isle, I reckon it's going to be the best place for me to find something that'll make the boss lady happy. So I'll vote for that one too." He returns to mentally sizing up each person person before him.

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited June 2019
    So it is settled.

    The three of you hitch up onto your mounts and your beasts size each other up just as you do their riders.
    Mido’s beast lets out a series of deep clicks as he stares across at Harley, and Harley retorts with a toothy smile that does not mean ‘happy’ in the slightest.

    You reach the edge of the pier, and dive!

    As you rise into the air the gathered folk of Maykupuni cheer and beat their chests, drums, even the walls to keep bad luck at bay for your expedition to the uncharted isle. You pass a small hot-air craft from Pang’s Wish on the way out, and a bunch of jolly bald monks wave to you as the sun shines off their heads.


    It’s not long until the air grows damp and cool once the island is in sight. Just as described, it’s pouring down all across the island, and waterfalls cascade from several points around its edge. If it has a lake at its heart you cannot see it for the sheer volume of rich green canopy. The journey to this rainswept plateau hanging in the moody air has been free of troubles, but as details become clear and the end is in sight Mido takes the lead.

    You brace yourself Otto—you know how this is gonna go.

    Otto! Harley must beat them to the island, it’s her most base instinct, roll to Defy Danger with DEX. That’s 2d6+2 for you. The ‘danger’ is losing, and perhaps landing badly. If you roll 10+ feel free to describe the results of this one yourself.

    Alternatively you can mark 1 stress on Harley to reign her in. Does it matter who gets there first? If so, you’ll arrive safely a minute after him.

    Harley screeches like a hurricane and your ride becomes rocky; she’s flapping her leathering wings like her life depends on it!

    Wei, you’ve plenty of time to look over the island. Wild as it is, and even more unknown, you believe your past experience can aid your tenacious band. What do you see?


    [OOC: Consider the Spout Lore move here.

    As always, you can surprise me. This is an open world sorta thing. Maybe Wei wants to race too!]

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  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei sees that the thick green canopy is made up of huge, tall tree trunks, hundreds of feet tall, with large branching limbs and great leaves. He notices that these awe-inspiring tree's branches and limbs seemed to connect with others, as if each tree trunk was not it's own organism, but connected. "Could these trees truly be just one being?" He asks himself.

    geth roll 2d6+0 Spout Lore

    [ooc: ouch]

    Spout Lore:
    2d6+0 3 [2d6=2, 1]

    Cheeseliker on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Yeah, you’re on to something, maybe.

    As you draw closer you can smell the rich earth as the ceaseless rain descends upon the island.

    Deep in the forest you see a tree fall. You wait, squinting, hoping to see why, but nothing else happens.

    You look ahead and realise you’re being left behind. You carry on after your allies.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
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    Harley old girl, you never could stand to lose a race...

    Otto tucks into a racer's stance, cutting drag in hopes of giving his steed every advantage.

    Geth roll 2d6+2 Defy Danger

    Well that could have gone better...

    Defy Danger:
    2d6+2 6 [2d6=3, 1]

    ironsizide on
    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    [ooc: at least we're both getting xp!]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    Harley dips and spins, passing beneath Mido with a piercing shriek. Upside down as you are, you have to hold your hat on.

    She turns right-ways as the dragonfly looking mount banks up out of shock, and you briefly take the lead.

    “Ha! V-very funny? I didn’t catch your—”

    Before he can finish his mount dives towards the island! Harley growls as it becomes a neck and neck race.

    Briefly, you wonder if she knows what she’s doing. I guess she figures you can take it. Hells.

    Harley slams into her opponent a few feet from the island and you, Mido, and both your flying mounts slam into water. You narrowly miss colliding with a tree on the way down. It wouldn’t be a ride without a near death experience with Harley.

    You dive into a secluded, previously quiet pond about sixty foot round and deep enough that you’re not dead. Surrounding it is rich, deep foliage and towering trees; a king of forests.

    Wei, you’ll have to follow them in. There’s a bank of tall reeds near them, a large rock jutting out of the pond, and huge thick branches to perch on up above.

    You take 6 damage. Remember to reduce it by any armour you’ve got.

    Geth roll 1d8 for Splash

    1d8 6 [1d8=6]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei shakes his head and gently flies down to land on the large rock, taking in the scenery around him. As he watches, he listens for chirps, squawks, chittering or any other noises he might be able to understand, if the creatures here are similar enough to the ones in the Great Forest, or if there are any birds nearby. He scans the surroundings to see what, if anything has reacted to the commotion. He assumes his two companions will be able to get themselves out of the water without his help.

    What should I be on the lookout for?

    geth roll 2d6+2 Discern Realities.

    Discern Realities.:
    2d6+2 8 [2d6=4, 2]

    Cheeseliker on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    Danger! Predators! From the sky! Apes! Danger! Spread the word!

    Dozens of birds, each similar yet different to the ones you know. Some have long curved beaks and long legs for wading, others are tiny darts of red. You can almost name them. They’re either flying to safety elsewhere or keeping a good distance further up in the canopy. It’s a cacophony of messages overlaying each other in maddening, frightened calls.

    It dies down eventually, but there’s still a fair bit of back and forth. Thankfully you don’t hear anything to indicate they’re more than ordinary birds. Moreover they have no word for ‘people’—they think you’re apes. So that tells you there are apes here.

    Feel free to chat to one of the locals, but they might not know much and they’re not over smart. A slightly more inquisitive pack of creatures turns out not to strictly be birds at all...


    What should I be on the lookout for?
    Gold. Honest to Gods glittering gold. You spot a tiny pebble of gold in the clear waters beneath the rock being swept up in the tide made by your crashed allies.

    It strikes you that as no folk have set foot on here before precious metals could well be found in abundance, perhaps not all of it even hidden under ground.

    Are you going to tell your allies that?

    Beyond that speck of gold, you notice this place is mostly water, and the land in between it is no doubt thick mud or in fact masses of flora floating over water. Tread carefully.

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    Wei bites his lip, imagining the paradise around him disturbed and destroyed by greedy gold-seekers and governments. He will say nothing, and hope his companions are less perceptive. Otherwise, Mido will for sure be a problem, and Otto likely as well. Few would turn down easy gold and riches. Well, he would deal with that when need be.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    Otto grits his teeth through the pain and swims to shore, collapsing onto his back. "Sonuva... There are days, Harley, and there are days." After resting a minute he gets up and takes stock to make sure the lake hasn't swallowed any of his gear to keep for itself. Confident he has only gained bruises he calls out for Hayley and looks for Mido and Wei.

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    Mido surfaces moments after you, still on the back of his mount. Looks like it can swim pretty good.

    “You madman!”, he wails, “You could have got me killed!”

    After wringing out his clothes (it’s raining steadily, so it’s a waste of time) beside his mount he regains some of his composure.

    “Well then, I think we should head further inland.”

    He holds his winning smile as he slowly sinks into a patch of mud. He closes his eyes. Then he pulls his left leg out, and places his foot on a rock, then pulls his other leg out.

    Meanwhile your screamwing flops out of the pond and shakes the water off her furred back. Harley nuzzles against your arm, the best apology she has to offer.

    Otto, shrouded by the canopy, rain and the masses of flora, you see a silhouette of something leap from nowhere to somewhere out of view.

    What’s the plan cavalier man?

  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei waves and calls out to get their attention. He nudges Jiang to take off and land on the shore by them. "Are you alright? I might have something for those bruises." He drops off Otto and begins rummaging through his pack for poultices and herbs.

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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    A rough estimate of the island:


    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei leaves the poultices and herbs. Perhaps they should move quickly, lest his companions spot any more gold. "Yes, let's get moving, we've already created quite a commotion, we shouldn't linger here."

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  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "Thanks for the offer, Wei. Say, did anyone else notice that movement in the trees? I'd rather be predator than prey if you know what I'm sayin. I saw it go this way." Otto points in the direction he saw the movement. "Let's see if we can find it's tracks. Sound good?"

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei nods. "I will scout ahead." He straps his spear to Jiang's saddle and takes a couple steps away. He closes his eyes and focuses. His body shapeshifts growing smaller and smaller, clothing turned to feathers, mouth into a beak, arms into wings, until he is a bird similar to those he's seen in the area.

    Geth roll 2d6+2 shapeshift bird

    shapeshift bird:
    2d6+2 12 [2d6=4, 6]

    Cheeseliker on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    You’re not a show off, but if you can show off and fit in, why not?


    You have 3 hold in your bird of paradise form. Spend your hold to:
    - Fly away from danger rather than roll to Defy Danger. You’re tiny and fast.
    - Get close to or land on a large beast without it attacking you.
    - Sing sweetly to bring an animal to you and keep it listening.
    While in your bird of paradise form you can’t Hack and Slash, talk to people, or use any of your items. When you spend all your hold you return to your normal form.

    Flying ahead you see that the deeper you go into the forest the more rivers converge into a deep, deep lake. A few of the trees you pass have had some of their branches stripped of leaves. A handful of leaves litter the lake below.

    Rather than the pristine tranquil lakes you’re used to, this one is warm, steamy even, and the rush of waterfalls gives it a rolling, stormy surface. Large catfish, dog-sized toads and beetles as big a boots swim throughout. It’s a shadowy place. The trees not only grow around it, but from it, with tall bowed roots anchoring them to the bottom.

    You can’t say for sure, but you think the outer areas of the island are more risen, and likely not as flooded.

    Wei! Two silhouettes to your right leap from tree to tree. Apes, surely, right? You swiftly turn to chase after them—

    Suddenly a catfish leaps from the water intent on eating you! What do you do?

  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
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    Wei uses a hold and flies away from danger to chase after the apes.

    [ooc: I want to apologize, I tend to edit my post to add more details and things but unintentionally changing my action a bit. It's all fixed now and I shall try to refrain from doing so in the future]

    Cheeseliker on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    You deftly rise and complete your turn. You hear it fall back into the rolling water but are too far away to spare it a glance.

    You see the figures land. You were right. Apes, or something a few thousand years removed. Each step they take clanks as their strikingly long foot claw hits the earth.


    There are a dozen more sitting, playing and grooming each other in beds of leaves. They’re like no animal you know.

    The two you were tracking greet a big, fat female... and each one briefly turns jet black from head to toe, then back to normal. As if they became living shadows! They weren’t just obscured by the rain, they’ve somehow been infused with the raw elemental stuff of darkness.

    The pair sit with her, and she lays back with her arms out at either side, obviously at ease.

    (You’re approaching ‘area 6’, for reference. I’ll fill the map in more later today.)

    What’s going on here?

    [OOC: It’s cool. I’ll try to give your posts a bit of breathing room. I go back to alter my atrocious spelling all the time.]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    Wei tries to listen and understand what they're saying to each other, but they may be a bit too unusual to resemble anything he's heard before.

    If Wei had to guess, based off experience with animals in the Great Forest, he would assume these two are attempting to mate with the female. It also appears that the females of these species are the leaders or alphas of the herd. These creatures are fascinating.

    Wei decides to return to the others and report his findings. These creatures could be quite dangerous if angered.

    [ooc: I can voluntarily give up my hold to shift back, correct?]

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