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[Storm March] Group 2 — The Calling



  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    You have a rough idea where Otto can be found, and after a very embarrassing conversation with a woman of negotiable romance down by the docks of Aurlancea, you reach his cabin only to find him gone. Following a hunch you make your way towards the alchemists and tinkers dwellings, which to your senses seems a sulphuric, grimly locale of ugly warehouses and gaudy shops. Folk are nice enough though, and when you describe Otto they point you right to him.

    You are now outside Dadaru’s home/laboratory.


    After his initial distrust the strange fellow offers you tea (regular stuff, you made sure to watch him pour it) and some hard biscuits. You get into vague detail on your skills, and he warms to the idea you’ll do the job for him.

    You are sat with your boots on a stained table as Dadaru potters around pouring this into that. A gramophone plays a tune you both know—funny how two folks so different can have something in common.

    When you fly back into the Tempest Wall to plant Dadaru’s contraptions, roll...
    ...+1 for every person flying with you (max +3).
    ...-1 if you daren’t stay long.
    ...-1 if you daren’t go in further than a mile.
    ...-1 if you’re not willing to take harm to see the job done.
    On a 10+, you let the thingies loose in the perfect spot and Dadaru picks up their signal.
    On a 7-9, you do what’s asked of you, but the thunder clouds take their due.
    On a 6-, you or an ally, your choice, are in serious trouble!

    Make this move when you’re ready.

  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    Wei knocks on the door. "Otto, you in there? It's Wei. I've had an...interesting interaction and could use your assistance."

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    So that’s at least a +1 as Wei will be joining you Otto.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "Looks like the possible potential hired help has arrived, Dadaru ole chum!" Otto springs up and answers the door. "Wei! Good to see you! I've got a proposal for ya!" Otto puts his arm around Wei and guides him over to the plans and proceeds to explain the job at hand. Once done, "So, you in?" After a beat Otto wrinkles his brow. "Wait, you said something about an interestin interaction? Perhaps we can discuss it along the way?"

    Otto is willing to see the job through, and even risk life and limb to do it. So with that in mind...

    Geth roll 2d6+1 for Contraption Construction

    Contraption Construction:
    2d6+1 9 [2d6=4, 4]

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 12
    The Tempest Wall comes up sharply, you’re surprised how short the trip back that way truly is. The light grey clouds darken as you approach, as if willed by something alien and ancient.

    Thunder rolls across its surface, and with fearless determination, you plunge in!

    Darkness envelopes you both, and your faces and clothes becomes instantly cold and damp. Lightning strikes, and your mounts shift no more than a foot from each other, yipping and whistling to comfort the other. They’re frightened.

    Flicking your head back, you realise you’ve no idea how deep you’re in. Can’t be more than a couple miles, yet...

    Hells to it. Otto, you give the nod to Wei, and you both untie your bags and let Dadaru’s contraptions go spinning off into the black clouds. Lightning instantly blows a handful of them apart, and the shock sends Harley barrelling off and away!

    Wei, full of nervous energy, your faithful mount banks down, chasing the spinning devises as blue-white light illuminated them against the freezing black clouds.
    Choose one:
    - Jiang takes 1 stress, but you reign them in.
    - You’ll take damage before you get them under control.

    Lights gone. Weird. Oh. Shite. Otto, you’ve been passed out on Harley for a few seconds. Blood is pouring from your head and nose. You were struck by debris racing through the Tempest Wall. You realise there’s more firing down on you like comets!

    Otto, you now have a lasting scar from your temple, across your nose, ending at the back of your neck.

    Otto, you take 6 damage.

    Time to go!

    (Feel free to flash back to the bullet discussion, or do it once you’re out. Once Wei has made their choice, you can describe your journey out, no rolls required.)

    Geth roll 1d6+3 for Whack!

    1d6+3 6 [1d6=3]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    [on the way]
    "This lady, she dresses the way you dress. As I was leaving the library, she gave me a bullet and left without a word. Does that mean anything to you?" Wei asks.

    [In the Tempest]

    Jiang takes a stress.

    "Jiang! We have to get out of here or the Tempest will kill us!" Wei reasons with the creature. "Find Harley!" Jiang does, quickly, and attempts to lead the way out of the Tempest.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "Dressed like me? Did she have a screamwing?" Otto thinks a moment on confirmation. "I thought I had left that she-devil behind when I came out here. You've attracted the ire of one Desdemona Heidelbeere. She wasn't in my air cav squadron, but in the same unit many years later. Sought me out after her service to the Republic. Wanted to get into my line of work, mostly in the hunting prey area. And I was dumb enough to train her. Take it from me, Wei, never get involved with a student. She took to assassination like a screamwing to divespearin."

    "If she gave you a bullet your her mark. Hopefuly it's only a contract she's got no stake in other than the coin. But if she feels threatened by or otherwise made it personal like, you're in for a bad time." Otto pounds his fist on hid saddle.

    "Tarnation! I like you Wei. You're good in a scrap and I can't help feel a little responsible for training that witch. I'll keep watch over you and help you out should you need it. First order of business for you is to find out if this is business or pleasure. If it's business at least you might be able to get to the one who's got it in for you first to call her off. If it's personal... well let's just hope it's business."

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    With thunder on your tail you make it back out the Tempest Wall, and all but crash land outside the tinker’s place.

    End of Session One

    First, write a Bond with the other. Now when you make the Aid move, add +1 to the roll.

    Next, you gain +3 experience because:
    - You both acted in accordance with your alignment.
    - You both changed the state of the world.
    - You both revealed more about the world.

    If you have enough experience to level up, do so. Don’t worry if you haven’t right now, you can level up mid-session too.

    Wei, utilising Dadaru’s workspace you make your own unique spyglass.
    Wei’s Farseer
    fragile, 0 weight
    As you’d suspect, when you look through it you can see great distances in better detail. When you Discern Realities far away, you have additional question options:
    - How can we stay out of sight?
    - What’s the quickest route to there?

    Otto, Dadaru is delighted with your work, though his visions of the Tempest Wall are fuzzy and he thinks he lost a lot of devices already. He gives you a prototype thing as a thank you.
    Boom Braces
    conspicuous, 1 armour, 1 weight
    Metal framework that clicks into place around the legs and over the boots of the wearer, with steel toecaps and folded plates under the soles. When you bend both your legs and leap while wearing the Boom Braces, you jump twice as far and can fall greater distances without coming to harm.

    You both earn 30 gold.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    Otto squeaked by with enough XP to level. I added one point to INT (really his main class stat - I dunno why I went with DEX) and added the Flawless Bladework.

    For his bond, "Wei shares a secret with Otto, drawing the two closer together."

    Will Otto have time to recover from his damage?

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 15
    [OOC: A great choice for your stat boost, but don’t discount your DEX decision, the majority of Defy Dangers will be ‘quickly dodge threat’ so it’s always a good thing. We can also work a DEX move into your character has you progress to the point of taking a cross-class move or a compendium class (this system’s prestige class / advanced class etc.)

    Heck, sure. The scar is enough (it’s not a wound, just a thin skin-level line).

    You and Wei are at full health.

    Jiang retains 1 stress, and you’ve no time to sort that before our next excursion.

    Once @Cheeseliker is ready, we’ll start up our next session, which will take place a day after this, and you’ll choose where to head once again.]

    Otto, you clank clank clank out of Dadaru’s place wearing that newfangled gizmo of his. It’s been a good couple days work. You reckon it was a pretty good idea heading out this way.

    Far be it for this narrator to say where Otto heads, but I assume 10 coins is lost at the nearest bar.

    When Wei is content (as I don’t believe you can level up), we’ll kick off the next session.

    Endless_Serpents on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 18
    “Hurry! Hurry! Tie that damn barge down!”

    Windy, in a word. When it gets windy, well, everyone knows just how windy the sky can get.

    Whether you’re on Aurlancea, Pang’s Wish or Maykupuni, everyone is slinging ropes over their gear and tying it down to something solid.

    The offers of your kind of work are going unheeded; folk are too busy helping out on the Steading’s islands.

    But sometimes an offer can’t be refused, at least, not lightly.


    You’re minding your own as the wind hammers your windowpane in your cabin.

    “Mister Otto, sir. There’s a fella here for you, and I can tell he’s got a pistol. You want me to say you’re out?”, says sweet Misery.

    Every, err, intimacy consultant, has a story, but you don’t know a lick about Misery. By all accounts a nice girl, but she goes for a gothic, occult theme, and does things with ropes and candles for the folk that ask. Still, she’s got your back, and that’s worth more than proper lady-like behaviour.

    What do you do?


    You find yourself ushering a herd of sheep into a barn with a farmer you’ve never met before. Sometimes you’ve just got to help people, especially if animals are involved.

    You’ve almost through when a gyrocopter lands hard on in a nearby wheat field. The craft is lost in the crop, while sheaves of wheat are spun into the wind and swiftly blown away.

    A man, or a woman perhaps, leaps out while the blades still spin. They’re making their way to you with haste!

    What do you do?

    Endless_Serpents on
  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    [OOC: "intimacy consultant" - good one.]

    Otto sighs. "Hopefully not another kid trying to make a name for himself takin me out, youngin." He gets up, grabs his belt with his rapier and pistol, and puts in on. He adjust the fit to make sure both weapons are ready to go. "Let's see what he has to say then, shall we?"

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    [OOC: Misery loves company.

    A thin, young clerk type is finally allow in the hall as wind howls at his back. Leaves and a couple of fliers for some peacenik club blow in as the door is slammed shut by Misery. He puts down a huge pack gratefully, and wipes his brow.


    He flips through a notebook. At this point he ought to say something. He adjusts his glasses. He clears his throat.

    “See to it that you bring that old dog Otto in, he’s a mean spirited gunner who’s reputation precedes him, and— Erm...”, he smiles nervously.

    He flicks a couple of pages.

    “Dear Mr. Otto,
    First, I do hope I may call you so, for I know you are loath to use your surname.
    Second, it pains me that I cannot ask of you this favour in person, for I am lame, and old. The writer of this message is one Bosco Gud, the founder of Gud’s Goods (I hope you appreciate my little pun).
    It is my unfortunate duty to admit a failing of my hard working men. Two days ago I sent them to land and report back on a most troublesome stretch of rock, and they have yet to return. I fear the worst.
    I need a couple of brave explorers to bring by employees back. I have taken the liberty of calling upon your ally Wei at this time, in hopes he will also join you. Though I am a simple, local businessman, I will reimburse you your time and effort as best I can.
    Yours sincerely,
    Bosco Gud esq.”

    The fellow is pink in the face. He’s not a public speaker by trade. He slips a folded map out from his notebook and unfolds it for you to look over. He waits for you reply to Bosco, rather than say anything himself.


    Looks like they headed until the last of the nearest islands to go unchecked. This would be the second attempt you now know of. Rocks spinning out of whack seems to be all anyone can say about the place.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 21
    [OCC: On a small tangent, I don’t think we properly decided on a name for the island you explored.

    1. Thrave
    2. Weathertop

    The lush island with its little floating plateau is called Weathertop.]

    Geth roll 1d2 for Name

    1d2 2 [1d2=2]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "Tell your boss I'm in. Where do I drop off Gud's men? The store I'm supposing?"

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    He checks his notes.

    “Yes. Here’s, take this.”, he stumbles over himself to find another slip of paper.

    It’s just a simple map penned on wrapping paper. Gud’s store is on Aurlancea right in the middle of town, you can’t miss it. You’ve probably walked passed it before today.

    [OOC: We’ll just see how Wei reacts, and we’ll get you into danger, I mean, on your way.]

  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    Wei hustles to meet the person, worried about an emergency of some kind. He keeps his spear in his hand, however, not forgetting the bullet in his pocket. "What is this about?" He hollers.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 27
    Over the wind the figure, a middle aged woman, shouts, “There’s some boys in trouble! Bosco’s boys!”


    She’s thrown sideways by a sudden gale and reappears moments later from the wheat.

    “They’ve not returned from a scouting mission. Bosco biting off more than he can chew! They weren’t explorers by trade, just labourers and a couple of old deck hands.”, she pulls out a package, “Here, a map, letter and some junk.”

    The farmer urges you all inside, and once shut right, leans against the door.

    “Phew. Well, you’ll be buying that wheat you’ve cut up, and you my man, will be getting some free milk and bread soon enough.”, says the farmer.

    He goes to tip his hat, but remembers it blew away an hour ago.

    Unfazed, she continues, “The boss is rich, so don’t worry yourself farmer. Wei, you and Otto have to save these guys. No one else is up to it, not today, and they might not have a tomorrow to wait on.”

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    "No need," Wei tells the farmer. "Though I would enjoy calling on you for tea, if I am in the area."

    He turns to the woman and takes the materials she has. "Alright, lets see about these boys."

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited July 28

    The wind howls, and the clouds flee like a herd of bison to the presence of great wolves.

    The sky above is bruised dark, and the flight is all too long, too lonely against the gazing void, with its speck of sun and heavy half-moon. The brightest stars twinkle already, each only accents how there is nothing below you.

    Both of your mounts take 1 stress.

    You’re grateful when the nameless rocks of your destination come into view. At least until you see the airships wrecked against them. One is grounded, the other destroyed.


    This is a messy situation. The rocks up ahead (imagine asteroids between ten feet and an acre in size) are shifting in patterns. The majority are orbiting clockwise, but there there are plenty more that are going their own way.

    No matter where you’re headed and for what end, you’ll have to Defy Danger to do it. Still you’ll have to land, if only briefly, else your exhausted mounts will suffer more harm.

    [OOC: So you met up, and shipped out to find out what happened to Gud’s men. The gales are relentless. You come across this stretch of orbit rocks, and well, it’s up to you how you handle it.

    The rocks are going to be moving constantly, so if you feel you’ve lost track of where things are I’ll draw as many new maps as you need, otherwise we’ll ‘theatre of the mind’ this one.]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    edited July 28
    Wei attempts to study the situation before making any decisions. "Perhaps the grounded airship can be fixed! I do not like the idea of splitting up, but if there's a possibility of wounded at each ship, it might be the best chance of saving everyone!"

    What should I be on the lookout for?

    geth roll 2d6+2 discern realities

    [ooc: Hoping the answer gives a +1 on flying through this maelstrom!]

    discern realities:
    2d6+2 9 [2d6=5, 2]

    Cheeseliker on
  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "I'm not so sure splitting up is the best idea here. I think we're better off keeping an eye on each other in this mess! We're not going to help anyone get home if either of us becomes a casualty on our own. I do agree the grounded airship is the better option to take a gander at first, though. If we can get it running I think we'd have a better chance of not only getting everyone out, but it could be a help rescuing to folks at the wreck."

    Otto Aids Wei in his Discern Realities roll, throwing in his own observations.

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    Geth roll 2d6+1 for Aid

    2d6+1 10 [2d6=5, 4]

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    What should we be on the lookout for?

    Airships run on fuel, and the destroyed airship might have some canisters intact. The more fuel you have the faster you can punch it back to civilisation if you find any survivors and manage to pilot the remaining craft.

    Wei in particular, you feel this place has been profaned. It’s just a general unease. Have you any idea how a place can become cursed or corrupted?

    Trying to land here with large airships seem foolhardy at best, so there must be a reason, otherwise there are plenty of flying mount riders (more so here than in regular society, in fact). Treasure, perhaps?

    Is there a pattern to the 'currents' we can discern to make our navigation easier?

    The wind is pushing you back to whence you came. The best you can do it fly close to the side of the rocks to block the gale’s force. Flying this way will ensure no more stress is earned for your mounts and allow you to pick up speed if need be, but it will limit your view.

    You both carry +1 forward to your next action.

  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    "Looks like we can use the rocks as shield against the wind currents, darting from rock to rock to make headway."Otto uses gestures to illustrate a course through. "The down airship looks closer so let's assess them first." Otto leans close to Harley's ears. "Let's take it easy old girl. Slow and steady wins this race, and we're better off staying close to Wei and and his mount than to beat them." He scritches the back of her neck to keep her calm. Back to Wei, "Let's get to being hero-like!"

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Now, Defy Danger in the manner of your choosing.

    Say, INT to fly using the rocks as cover, or CHA if you’re commanding your mount to fly swift and straight despite the danger.

    You tell me how you do it.

    Then, say where you end up.

    I’ll fill in the details depending on your roll...]


  • ironsizideironsizide You must whip it Registered User regular
    Otto uses his wits to lead Harley from cover to cover, making his way to the rock with the grounded airship. Once he makes it to cover, he checks to make sure Wei is following. Once close enough to land, Otto tells Wei his plan and then executes it. He takes care to land on the side of the ship providing the best cover from the wind. On approach he flies into the wind, guiding Harley to a landing she's done a thousand times before. A near dive with a flare of her wings at the last second to land in as short a distance as possible. "That's my girl."

    Geth roll 2d6+3 for Defy Danger (INT+bonus)

    Defy Danger (INT+bonus):
    2d6+3 11 [2d6=5, 3]

    Oo\ Ironsizide
  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    Wei is concerned by what he feels around him but cannot dwell on it as Otto takes off. He follows Otto's example.

    Geth roll 2d6+1 Defy(int) bonus

    Defy(int) bonus:
    2d6+1 7 [2d6=2, 4]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    [OOC: I might not be able to post for a few days. Work related. Stay tuned.]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Hello all, thank you for playing so far.

    Due to certain factors and my particular skill set I must head abroad once again for Queen and country. This will be for the foreseeable future.

    If anyone you would like to try your hand at running a game the Storm March is yours, there’s nothing set in stone, so create whatever adventure you’d like.



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