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PAX Pokemon League - 10th Anniversary!

primalwulfprimalwulf Registered User regular
Very excited to share that not only will PAX Pokemon League (PPL)occur again at PAX West, it's ALSO the 10th Anniversary! TEN years of bringing 'something extra' to lovers of Pokemon video games to the convention.

What is PPL?
--PAX Pokemon League is an opportunity for any attendee, staff member, Enforcer, etc. to play the video game 'in real life'. Gym Leaders are volunteers who have prepped a team or teams for Challengers (that's YOU!) to play against. Win against 8 (or more) Gym Leaders and move on to battle against the Elite Leaders. Win against 4 (or more) Elite Leaders and move on to challenge the League Champion!

Where is PPL?
--You can typically find PPL in the Handheld Lounge, and infrequently find Gym Leaders and Elite Leaders staffing or being social around the PPL Booth in the Diversity Lounge. Gym Leaders wear BRIGHT, neon green fleece scarves with PAX Pokemon League on them.

What Do I Need to Play?
--a 2DS or 3DS with a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon
--a team of Pokemon (up to 6) to battle against a Gym Leader with (some Gym Leaders may not require battles, and instead have trivia, drawing, arcade game, or similar Challenge to complete to earn their Badge)

What Do I Get When I Win a Battle Against a Gym Leader?
--You earn a Badge. An actual, real, physical Gym Badge, designed by and specific to that Gym Leader. They're 1" pins and the badge art is wonderfully diverse and excellently creative. If you win against an Elite Leader and/or the League Champion then the badge is metallic and SHINY!

What Do I Get If I Win Against the League Champion?

What Are the Rules?
--check out for all the details

What's This I Hear About a Raffle?
--There is always a raffle. Tickets obtained by completing side quests provided by PPL. Prizes are Pokemon-related and pretty cool.

Additional comments, question, curiosities feel free to post and we'll be glad to follow-up!

Hope to see you at PAX West '19!



  • Captain Ironsides Captain Ironsides Registered User regular
    edited June 2019
    primalwulf wrote: »
    What Do I Need to Play?
    --a 2DS or 3DS with a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon

    Last I checked, the website states that Sun and Moon are also acceptable. Is this still the case, or has this been changed? I haven't yet bought a copy of either four games, luckily.

    Captain Ironsides on
  • Kirby4LifeKirby4Life SumYungGuy In a cabin in the woodsRegistered User regular
    edited June 2019
    Depends on the leader. Some of us will have teams that are compatible with Sun and Moon. Its best to mention it when you are challenging us so we can change our team if need be.

    Kirby4Life on
  • Cypher3754Cypher3754 Registered User regular
    I can't wait. I'm getting the Ultra Sun tomorrow. Gotta catch them all....

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