The Start of Term Feast 2019 - Currently full, keep an eye out for cancellations!

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For some your journey here was your very first while for others this is familiar ground. You enter the school with your fellow students and are lead to a grand hall to be seated and one by one the new students are called up to the front. Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, the new students are sorted into their Houses, join their newfound classmates, and with the Sorting Ceremony concluded enjoy one of the greatest dinners they’ll ever have before embarking on their challenging school year!

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The Start-of-Term Feast is a yearly dinner held in Capital Hill the night before PAX West that gives PAXers, both new and old, a chance to hang out, eat a ton of great food, and get to know each other! It also gives everyone attending The Triwizard Drinking Tournament, a chance to eat before a merry night of drinking and charity fund raising! This used to be a catered event but due to the logistics for that not panning out anymore I'm now running it as a dinner reservation event.

This year the event will be held at Rhein Haus! https://www.rheinhausseattle.com/
Menu: https://www.rheinhausseattle.com/dinner-menu
Drinks: https://www.rheinhausseattle.com/bier-list https://www.rheinhausseattle.com/happy-hourcocktail-wine

Registration! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-start-of-term-feast-tickets-63078291869

The ticket is so I can get a count for how many reservations to make so please only register if you're sure you're going to make it.

And yes, you are totally free to wear your TWDT costumes to this! I’d be a little disappointed if you didn’t :D

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    Whoops, I guess this event has already sold out

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    Dracil wrote: »
    Whoops, I guess this event has already sold out

    Just keep an eye on the registration! We'll prolly get a couple cancellations over time and I'll announce them when they happen

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    I'll be keeping an eye out for cancellations myself! A little slow on the draw this year.

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    Were there any cancellations for this? I have a ticket but I have a friend who wants to attend if there is an open spot.

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    BourbanBourban Seattle, WARegistered User new member
    I'd be interested in any cancellations. I'm local, so I'll just be putzing around town for the afternoon, getting as much use out of my costume as I can (I don't really dress up wizardly except for this event).

    I may just pop into the chieftan next door, as it's a regular haunt for me anyway.

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