Dining: The Foodening Rev. Edition (aka- Where to eat at PAX?)



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    Custom SpecialCustom Special I know I am, I'm sure I am, I'm Sounders 'til I die!Registered User regular
    I saw Lil' Woody's recommended early in the thread.
    They do have good food, and they're running a Labor Day promo where you get a free burger (just pay for your toppings) on Monday from 2-5pm. It will be pretty crowded (and the Cap Hill location is very small inside), but worth it if you don't mind yet another line.

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    Kris_Kris_KrisKris_Kris_Kris Registered User new member
    I'm shocked it hasn't been mentioned yet but Potbelly fantastic. Its super quick and near the convention center.

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