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Speedruns! We end up talking about them enough in the Games Done Quick threads that we could probably do with a dedicated thread. For anyone already into this stuff, this thread mostly exists to talk about milestones happening, or to talk about personal attempts at speedrunning, races that are ongoing, that sort of thing. The rest of the OP below is mostly for anyone who hasn't really watched a speedrun before, or try one.

If I'm missing anything for any reason, let me know. I might put a list of Speedrun shows / schedules on here if there's enough of them.

What's a speedrun?
A speedrun is where you beat a game as fast as you can. There's a lot of ways this gets done; optimizing in-game statistics or item use, skipping content through specifically timed movement or other inputs, pathing optimal movement in the game world, taking advantage of errors and glitches in the game code, and even just outright skill.

Errors and glitches? Isn't that cheating?
Yes and no. This is part of why there is a category of speedruns called "glitchless," where major breaks in the game aren't permitted or count. If you're disinterested in that, don't worry, runners happily oblige.

Most every game has different categories that speedruns get placed into. If a game has multiple difficulty options, that's one example of category. They can also be classified by the aforementioned 'glitchless,' though every game has its own definition of what a glitch is and is not. There's 100% category vs any%, where the former requires completing all possible tasks in the game while the latter is just about getting the game done as fast as possible. Some games are unique enough to have their own category options.

What games can even be speedrun?
All of them. Even the most straight-forward of game can be speedrun, where it comes down to input optimization and getting a button pressed on the first frame available. Some speedruns are very short, done in a handful of minutes, and some (like 100% The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) are so long there are official rules in place to allow speedrunners splits in their videos to allow for eating, sleeping, going to work, etc.

Where can I go to learn about speedruns?
My personal recommendation is Speedrun Dot Com. You can search just about any game there and look up the leaderboards among the many categories (with rules provided for each game). More importantly though, within each game you look up there are two important menu options - Guides and Discord. The former can provide you with details about the routing, common strategies and why those things are done. The latter will take you to the community centered around speedrunning that particular game. Runners are generally very welcoming and can help you learn how to run a game! Ultimately the best way to learn is to watch a speedrun of a game you know - the more of the game you know, the better, that way the impact of any given time save is understood.

Anything else?
Sure! Speedruns Live is a great site to find runners currently streaming on Twitch, or to find races in action. Yeah, people race games! Also, you usually want some sort of recorded proof of your speedrun if you want to join the leaderboard. A timer on-screen helps, though it isn't necessary as submissions are reviewed.

Some of those tricks seem beyond my ability, there's no way I can be as fast as those other players.
It's not all about being on the leaderboard, let alone high up on it. You can try it just for the fun of it, or to challenge yourself, or if you're just watching speedruns you can take some lessons away and apply them when you play the game casually.


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    Things I'm currently practicing to speedrun, just to kinda kick off a conversation possibly.

    Metroid: Samus Returns - I wouldn't be able to record this / join the leaderboard because I don't have the capture device necessary but for the past couple weeks I've been playing it again and... it's actually really easy for me now. So much so that I'm just giving speedrunning specifically a shot. My time naturally came down over the last couple playthroughs so I'm gonna see how far I can push it, without specifically watching any official speedruns of it yet. If I can do it my way then I'll try the wall clipping kind of shit going on.

    Diablo 2 - This was hurting my wrist to get back to recently but after a week or so of taking it easy, it's not causing as much pain as before (I broke my wrist years ago and getting old is awful). The Sorceress is a bit out of my ability to care to try what with the teleporting so I'm probably going to try this with the Amazon, Paladin, or Barbarian. It's actually a super easy "route" but it's a matter of getting used to all the potion buying / consumption rate.

    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - I took a break from practicing this but I'm gonna get started again, with the 100% category. The game is deceptively difficult as fuck when you're trying to go through it so tightly-fast. Wilbur is a tough boss fight I just can't handle reliably for some reason.

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    Grand Poo Bear (of Romhacks and Mario Maker and accidentally kicking consoles fame) is doing a 24 hour stream today for reaching 10K subs on twitch and he's doing all SMM2 content for the entirety of the day, it appears.

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    ZFG is running a modded version of Ocarina of Time called Faster Quest (100%). It chops down all the cutscenes and text boxes, puts in quality of life improvements like 1st try Dampe etc. It transforms the game because there's really no downtime now. I mean, he just got the master sword in under 13 mins! Well worth a watch

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    Sorry, but the GDQ thread specifically mentions that it's an all-purpose speedrun thread during the 50 weeks of the year when there's no marathon.

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