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The Great Games Experiment.

SabanSaban Registered User regular
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The Great Games Experiment

Join the Penny Arcade GGE Group, The Great Wang Experiment!

GGE is essentially the myspace for gamers, developers, and...groups of gamers and developers to talk about and promote their indie games. You can also create your own page to show off any game you might have developed, create lists of games you own and your opinions or reviews of them, and essentially network like likeminded or downright insane people.

Sabans GGE page, work in progress.

The website was developed by the people behind Garage Games as a social networking site for gamers, developers and publishers.

Heres a few games you can find on GGE.
"Have you tried out Space Trader yet? If so, write a review and share your thoughts!

Space Trader has a brand new website! Chat with other players, learn more about the game, and see videos! Check it out!

Space Trader is the game where you challenge your friends, foes, and yourself in a bid to becomes the wealthiest Trader in space! Travel between exotic destinations buying and selling commodities, while avoiding the government that's trying to tax your way of life. Hunt down criminals to collect bounty rewards, or go take jobs from crime bosses to earn money under the table. Explore locations in search of hidden bonuses and other secrets! 8 Players can compete together and have your stats tracked in our online scoreboard."
"In this magical cross between a strategy and RPG, you choose one of ten different characters and start dueling your opponents in a battle of skill, tactics and wits.
Hurl fireballs and meteors, summon mighty creatures to your aid and waste your opponents with dreadful curses. Discover your very own strategy to win and test it through the course of magical duels.
Gain power and knowledge and who knows... maybe you will be able to challenge the Death herself and attain immortality."
"The Continuum combines classic turn-based wargaming, collectibility and RPG character development into one multi-player adventure that will change the way you game. Characters, abilities and equipment combine with in-game artifacts, epic battlefields, and changing scenarios to provide an experience that is at once familiar and all-new."
""Barbie horse adventure" is a fair description. Except you can kill the horses. And other people. And arrest people and beat them while they are in jail. And blow them up with dynamite."
"PlaneShift is a cross-platform, open source, and free MMORPG in development.

PlaneShift is has a classic medieval fantasy setting, with a slight twist. Instead of a generic planet, the game is set inside a gigantic stalactite named Yliakum, divided into eight levels, of which the lower two are flooded."
"Gunroar is an 360-degree gunboat shooter."
"Mine precious gold from the deformable terrain in order to buy better weapons, digging tools, and deployable defenses. Use these assets to defend your disembodied brain and bankrupt your opponent!

Old-school 2D sidescroller pixel graphics coupled with an extremely detailed physics simulation makes for a mix of nostalgia and surprising gameplay"

Those are just a few examples i found after a half hour of searching, mind you i didnt download any of them because im on 56k, so go ahead and try them out for me! also give me a image to use for the Great Wang Experiment logo.

I'll work on the OP and add some screenshots, but for now, discuss!

Saban on


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    EnvyEnvy Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    Hmm. I guess count me in?

    Envy on
    or you could shut it up.
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    LewiePLewieP Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    I stopped at myspace.

    Edit: sorry that was a bit dickish wasn't it.

    What I meant was, I don't really get the point of this.

    LewieP on
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    rayofashrayofash Registered User regular
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    I get the point, I just think it's silly. Chatting with developers is what places like this and are for. And they're much more helpfull. is basically the exact same thing, only better:

    rayofash on
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