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    A bunch of people recommended Eddings, but I remember not liking the Belgariad, and just got around to reading through the synopses when it came back to me.
    Zedar really got a raw deal. I mean, enslaved by Torak, yes. But more than that, I think it's heavily implied that the light prophecy intentionally created Zedar's obsession with the orb so that he'd get caught by Torak, leading to him killing Durnik thousands of years later, preventing Polgara from going over to Torak, and therefore saving the world. And the heroes are total slimeballs about it, with zero sympathy for their brother who had his will snuffed out, instead sticking him into solid rock for eternity because they suffered their first casualty after like four thousand of pages. Their attitude through the books is more like, oh, Zedar was kind of a sniveling coward when he was on our side, oh I never liked Zedar in the first place, etc. What a pack of backstabbing goatfuckers. In my headcanon Zedar had the wherewithal to not kill the muggle trying to punch an immortal sorcerer to death, the evil god crucified all the good guys, and the whole putrid universe collapsed on itself.

    I don't think I've read a lot of books that have made me angry, but it seems like all the ones that did have been recommended in this thread.

    That, uh, that is certainly a way to interpret Eddings I guess,

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    I would recommend The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. With the caveat that he's currently still writing the 4th of a planned total of 10 with the series being split up into two sets of 5 books. They are each pretty big books (~1200 pages each) and flip between characters pretty often.

    It's not nearly as heavy as GoT but has some fun fantasy concepts and some fun little mysteries and reveals.

    Everything by Brandon Sanderson should be on this list.

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