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JimblyJimbly Registered User new member
From the discussion with the enforcers last year, it sounded like that was going to be the final year for the Saturn Bomberman tournament. This deeply saddens me, as that's really about half the reason I go to PAX :(. I really love Bomberman. So much that I released Splody for Steam and PS4 back when there were no alternative available. Anyway, I looked around, and could find no information about how games were chosen for tournaments at PAX, and I'd like to propose a Splody tournament! Since I'll be attending, can be a "play with the devs" tournament, though just a regular one would be great too, so that, for the 6th time, I can come in second place and fail to win a "Bomberman" tournament again =).

This could work as a "PC" or "Console" tourney, though the PS4 version is limited to 4 players due to platform limitations, so PC (1 PC with 8 PS4 or 360 controllers) would be preferable. I'd probably suggest a similar format to the previous Saturn Bomberman tourney - ~8 people per match for eliminations, no revenge/ghost bombers - but it would also be incredibly fun for the elimination rounds to be a single 20-30 person match if we have a projector screen big enough =). If there's any serious interest in this (even as a post-tournament wrap-up game or something), I could provide ~20 wireless controllers to make it happen.

If the Saturn Bomberman tourney was *not* canned, then you may safely ignore this message, it satisfies the same need =).

If anyone know more about how games get selected for tournaments, please direct me to the appropriate channel. Any inquiries, feel free to email me at info@dashingstrike.com .


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    heavenchaiheavenchai Registered User new member
    I was always a big fan of the Saturn Bomberman tourneys, and Saturn Bomberman as well, so I'd like to give this a bump to make sure the people that need to can see it. Hopefully we can put something together, even if it's an unofficial thing in one of the bigger hallways or one of the hotels.

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    JimblyJimbly Registered User new member
    Great, thanks for your support =). Assuming nothing happens before PAX begins (seems likely), I'll talk to the relevant enforcers and see if they can add something to the schedule, as that often seems to happen. Now I just need to decide if I should travel light, or bring a suitcase full of controllers...

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