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D&D Adventurers League...will it be there and worth a trip.

AggieBearAggieBear Registered User new member
Would love to come down for PAX South, but my main interest is in D&D AL. From what I heard last year it was extremely limited and hard to get into. I don’t understand why we can do cons in Dallas with 12 AL tables (sometimes around the clock) and can’t find space for more than 7 or 8 tables at a PAX con.


  • DngnMstrDngnMstr Registered User new member
    Last year was my first time at PAX South and first time playing AL. I was able to play all 3 days, but I got in line about an hour early on Saturday and went straight to the sign up table. The other days weren't too bad. I've since ran all of the adventures I played last year. They were definitely shortened greatly to fit within the allotted time. The gaming experience varied greatly depending on the DM and players for each session. Of course, that's the case anytime you play AL. My favorite session was the one on Sunday morning, so I finished on a high note. So basically, I wouldn't go just to play AL. I would go to play AL and go to some shows like Acquisitions Inc.

  • AggieBearAggieBear Registered User new member
    And I completely understand that. My frustration is that PAX Prime and PAX Unplugged (and I believe one of the other PAX cons) have large Adventurers League areas. I just wish that PAX South had the same. Missed opportunity.

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