EB Games has killed PAX?

FilthfulFilthful Registered User new member
Anyone else get the feeling EB Games has killed PAX?

Last year was probably the worst year, the interactive areas were minimal, lines were huge because there was not enough content, large section was dedicated to push merchandise sales rather than the show content. EB seem to only care about selling merchandise, same stuff you can buy from any EB store (oh wait they discount it for PAX... like the stores don't have sales every day of the week). EB Expo were always terrible, they really add nothing to PAX

Seems like ticket sales this year are going very slow, there is no hype around the event. The merchandise is rubbish, first year i haven't pre-ordered merch. Last year i spent the least of any year on merch at PAX

A lot of people i know are not going this year, may missing the event for the first time ever... Interested to hear what other people think, but my opinion is EB has killed PAX


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    Aquaa Aquaa  Registered User regular
    Wait EB has a store at PAX? Are the items severely Overpriced?

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    DinnyDinny Registered User regular
    I agree last year was rough. pushing the line out into the public was a huge mistake. It felt squeezed and rushed. Not sure if it was the Fallout76 thing or EB or what, but much of 18 felt very un-pax-like.

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    PDP11PDP11 Registered User regular
    There venue had an area under construction in 2018 that is equivalent to about an extra 6 bays that includes another theatre. So this may ease the overcrowding.

    This will be the first year I will not be attending PAX Aus but my reason is unrelated to the issues that have been raised here. It will be interesting to hear the 2019 event reports.

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