[Fantasy Strike] the fighting game you don't need a masters degree in

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I found out about Fantasy Strike last month when it released on Switch and I'm blown away by how fun it is. It's a fighting game along the lines of Street Fighter (and designed by the SF2 HD Remix designer) where you don't to do crazy patterns with the control stick in order to execute moves. The focus of the game is the fighting game tactics and adapting to your opponent. Even though the controls are easy, it still has all the depth you want in the fighting mechanics.

Has anyone else picked this up? I was able to go from practice to playing against live people so fast it was awesome. And it has cross-play between PC and the consoles. I personally use a fighting stick, but it's definitely not required. Just makes it more fun.

I'm feeling pretty confident with Valerie and Jaina, but now I want to try some characters who are less in my comfort zone in terms of style of play.

What's your experience been? For me this was a perfect game because I was trying to get into fighting games, but I've also heard from a bunch of highly experienced fighting game players that this is their favorite one.

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