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BYOC Group Seating is Now LIVE

AsmerAsmer [E] East/West PC Sec ManagerSan Francisco, CARegistered User regular
Hello all!

I'm Asmer, I've been running BYOC Check-In/Security at West for the last few years, and I imagine most of you folks who are returning BYOC attendees hopefully have some idea who I am.


The deal is pretty much the same as last year and every PAX for the last few years. Check out the details below and send me your group’s desired seating! As always if you can’t get a request in before the deadline my Enforcers and I will do what we can on the day of, but there are *no promises* that we won’t have to split your group up, so I highly advise that if you have a group, send in a request.

I also want to point out that we will again have the PC Mod showcase, which sits right inside the main BYOC entrance, so if you have an awesome rig that you think will make people crowd around and snap pictures, shoot me an email (paxasmer at gmail dot com) with some pics/description of your setup, and we will see about getting you one of these prime spots.

Group Seating Details:

Group Seating Requirements:
  • Your party is considered a group if you have SIX or more people.
  • Groups must pre-register seating assignments prior to PAX, or else seats will be based on a first come, first served availability.
  • Requests are taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Passes for ALL 4 days of PAX! (recommended to maximize fun, but not a hard requirement)
  • If you have multiple BYOC badges, those count as seats (group members) so if you have 6 BYOC passes in your "group" (regardless of the number of physical bodies) you qualify for group seating.

To request group seating, use the seating chart below to choose your seats and email and cc


Please include the following information when requesting:
  • Group Name
  • Number of People
  • Handles for Each Person
  • Desired Location
  • (Optional) Second Choice Location

Group Preregistration:

Once you have sent that in, you may then move on to getting ready for group preregistration.

At the last few Wests we’ve been doing prereg, and if you came last year as a group you probably remember this being an option. Basically you send all your info in beforehand so you don’t have to fill out forms on an ipad, or slowly spell your last name 10 times while holding your computer.

Now, as always, this process will be completely optional, and not every person in your group will be required to do it, but I highly recommend it. We’ll be setting up an “express lane” of sorts for members of groups that have taken advantage of this process. You’ll be able to pretty much flash an ID, show us your BYOC badge, get your labels printed, and move on to your seats.

What do you need to take advantage of the express lane? I just need you to talk with the members of your group and have everyone pick their seats in advance (within the area you've already reserved when you sent in the email above!) so you don’t have to figure it out when you get to PAX.

Once you pick your seats, you’ll need to send me information for as many group members as you can. (Note: The contact info will only be used to contact you in the case of a security issue, like someone messing with your stuff or your computer going crazy and eating all the bandwidth, and we don’t keep it or give it to anyone, including Reed or Penny Arcade)

The easiest way is to *make a copy* of this handy Google sheet, fill it in, and send it back to me, Note that the sheet changed a little this year, make sure you use the new format!

Send that off to me for as many members of your group that you can manage, and I’ll confirm that they are set for prereg.


While there's no hard deadline to this, if you wait till the last minute the odds are not great that we'll be able to get it all set up for you (and I’ll be onsite and probably out relaxing/sleeping the night before), so try and get this done ASAP!

And, feel free to send me any questions (paxasmer at gmail dot com) if you have them.

[E] Asmer, PC Security Manager (East/West)



  • AtlantienAtlantien Registered User regular
    Email sent for A/B 21-6

  • hobbseltoffhobbseltoff Sammamish, WARegistered User regular
    @Asmer Looking at the seating chart, you gave our group both our first and second choices.

  • TheRaven42TheRaven42 Registered User new member
    Is this the right place to ask about entrance to BYOC with the security changes?

  • hobbseltoffhobbseltoff Sammamish, WARegistered User regular
    TheRaven42 wrote: »
    Is this the right place to ask about entrance to BYOC with the security changes?

    I would be curious to know that as well, East/South have their own dedicated BYOC entrances.

  • SirMarekSirMarek Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    My group is looking for 1+ more people to hit the 6 group member minimum. PM me so we can get some seats reserved!

  • ThorlordThorlord Registered User new member
    Just sent my email in for my group.
    With the entrance changes, what is our entry point for the building?
    Are we still allowed to go to BYOC at 8am rather than 10am when the PAX floor opens?

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