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Pokemon for 2005?

super...super... __BANNED USERS regular
edited November 2004 in PAX Archive
Now judging by the game FAQs message board I know I’m not the only 20 year old that likes to kick it old school with the new pokemon gameboy games. So anybody up for an impromptu or planed pokemon tournament. It would make one more dang good reason for me to get my but back up there. It would be easy to plan as well because no systems, software, or cables would need to be provided.

And for any of you haters out there think about this. If pokemon makes you the outcast in a group of gamer nerds than how freaking Indy is that! Last I herd Indy was the word.

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  • futilityfutility Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2004
    i'm not one of them but there are elder gamers out there who play pokemon. i've met/seen them and junk

    futility on
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    edited October 2004
    It'd be great if you just had the old school games. I'm sure a lot of the older Pokemon gamers just have the Red/Blue/Yellow or even Gold/Silver, but haven't branched into the GBA only titles.

    DJ Eebs on
  • QuizMasterQuizMaster Registered User regular
    edited October 2004
    If you're talking about the card game, I think more people would appreciate more room for Magic: The Gathering.

    But if you're not, then this is something that could work, I guess.

    QuizMaster on
  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
    edited October 2004
    i can say that we'll be increasing the tabletop space for PAX 2k5...


    Robert Khoo on
    Some guy.
  • CerriusCerrius Registered User regular
    edited October 2004
    Sweet. Room for Battletech next year.

    Cerrius on
  • super...super... __BANNED USERS regular
    edited November 2004
    I’m talking about the gameboy games. The old gen game boy games are nice but by the time pax rolls around the new pokemon DS games will be here and I think running an event on that will be much easier due to wifi.

    Nice to hear it about the table top area getting bigger. I hope even more people will get to try warmachine this next year. like console gaming will there be open tables for gaming and tables for events?

    For those gamers out there who played the original games I suggest giving the new advanced games a try, there is quite a bit more depth to raising pokemon than in the originals. Also pokemon can now fight each other in two vs. two battles and moves behave differently in that mode as well.

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