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diemeatbagdiemeatbag Registered User regular
Starting a new thread because my old one is bad and full of giant poorly formatted photos. I'm mostly making this thread as a place to share and get crits on the comics I will be working on in the coming months, but I will also post what I have been painting recently to start it off.






This is a huge painting I am trying to finish but keep changing. Crits very welcome. Sorry for the bad photo.


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  • CristovalCristoval Registered User regular
    Love the destroyed pom and grapes! The shadows could use some work but the structure is hella nice.

  • zehailiuzehailiu assistant arch mage croatiaRegistered User regular
    Nice stuff, I like how you keep the shadows relatively colorful, something not always found in realism. Keep it going!

  • 1205Dennis1205Dennis Registered User regular
    Nice work, really like the last one. And you do very good nudes, very realistic.

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